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  1. I highly recommend David Foster Wallace's Consider the Lobster, a collection of essays on a variety of topics that is incredibly well written, fun, harsh, critical, everything.
  2. Baroque Renaissance Contemporary classical
  3. not entirely science, but take a look at this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Free_will_theorem Might be quite interesting to talk about
  4. First one best. Why? Think about the others: dimensions would include lots of stuff, and I've read somewhere that essays working with fractals usually score low, Logs is a quite simple topic Card games are also quite simple, and unoriginal The first one on the otherhand may be more complicated, and you may even be able to generalize your result to nxn boards, or even n-dimensional boards! which would be quite cool
  5. Only a brief comment to make: If you are in any way interested i music, look up the notre dame school of music, one of the most influential of all time, and truly the first major composers of western art music. Probably not what you wanted, but hey, you never know
  6. There ar some people (not me though, though I´d love to), there´s quite a thread about it
  7. Pretty interesting topic. Your title doesn't have to be a question, though, so yo you could find something easier, like a statement. Also, you don't have to mention Freud and how you are goingto use his theories, in the end you may put them in the abstract I suppose. I think something along the lines of "Portrayal and effects of the feminine in Lord of the Flies" If you really want a question, I'd go with " To what extent is the suppression of feminine traits in Lord of the Flies the major cause for the collapse of their society?" I personally think is too long and quite unwieldy, so I
  8. Nice seeing how insensitive people are
  9. Surprised no one's mentioned Anthropology, basically a joke class (believe me I'm taking it at SL). So easy to rant on about anything and get a decent mark, although it has quite a bit of memorisation, but its soft stuff imo.
  10. Well, I know that someone at my school did their HL IA on something musical, albeit not related to the things that you mention and got a perfect score. He worked with alternative octave systems (like 24 tone equal temperament, and some weird octaves that were devised by Wendy Carlos. However, I am not sure what mathematics were involved, I just know the subject, and tat it got him a good score, so you may look at something similar of you're interested.
  11. Question: Could you recommend a book to start with Mishima? I've been interested in tackling his work for a while, but I'm afraid of starting off wrong (happens to me a lot), so I'd appreciate any help. Most people start Mishima with The Sailor Who Fell From Grace With the Sea, which is a compact and a rather comprehensive novel that covers his thinking and usual themes. Other starting points would be Sun and Steel if you care about his aesthetic theories, or Confessions of a Mask if you are very interested in his character as a writer. Your reading list seemed great with 2666, Lost in Funho
  12. Impressive list. The Master and Margarita is one of the great books out there. Question: Could you recommend a book to start with Mishima? I've been interested in tackling his work for a while, but I'm afraid of starting off wrong (happens to me a lot), so I'd appreciate any help. Now, personally I didn't reach my reading goals this summer I read the following: The Goldfinch, Donna Tartt (pretty darn good, except for the very ending) Most of 2666, Roberto Bolaño (I'm reluctant to start with the last section, I don't want it to end) Middle C, William Gass (some of the finest prose I've se
  13. Hmm. Sounds a bit too broad for me, but I guess you might be able to narrow it a little more somehow, and the RQ is a awkwardly phrased, so I'd consider revising it. Also, the two books are both interpreted as critiques of communism (although Orwell was a well-known socialist), and are quite similar, so I'd suggest replacing one of them (if you chosse to do this, I'd recommend you get rid of AF, It's a little bit overdone). There are several works you could use, We, by Yevgeny Zamyatin ( the first great dystopic novel, similar to Anthem, but it takes place in a highly developed society,
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