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  1. We got ours in early September (May 2015 session). As for the IBIS transcripts, a few days after the results were published, by post. As @kw0573 mentions, you can order transcripts to be sent, just like for unis - I'd check with your coordinator about that if I were you.
  2. Yes, it is possible and encouraged - it's not a widely popular choice. I did mine as an epilogue to Gatsby. Be careful to emulate the writer's style and that the extra scene is coherent with the rest of the drama - it should flow nicely with the rest of Williams' text, and be relevant to the rest of the story. Out of curiosity, which scene do you have in mind?
  3. Schools set their internal deadlines, whatever they say is final. The IB deadline is, I believe, March before your exams, but mostly schools set their deadline earlier... Because that one is indeed final. While May of IB1 is a bit early, it is definitely better to get it over with before the 2nd year.
  4. Heyy thank you so much! Firstly, well yes I really WANT to keep HL Maths but im just kinda imagining the worst case scenario and what I would do then.. And yes, Im definitely planning on dropping one, it's just our school really really recommends us to begin with 4 HLs if we take Maths HL (as A LOT of people from "normal" Maths (im in Additional) totally underestimate HL Maths) No problem, happy to help! If you have any other questions, feel free to write. The worst case, as mentioned by Emilia, would be that you drop to SL. And that's not a bad thing! I have a friend who started off wi
  5. Hi! First of all, depends on where do you want to apply to - consider the countries/unis and check the particular IB requirements, if they have any. I'm now in the first year of undergrad physics in Austria, and the only things they cared about during admission were: If I've done all the admission paperwork correctly (A multi step process, should you be interested in details, please write)If I have my language certificate - German proficiency If I've officially completed high school.Point being, they didn't care, at all, about neither my score, nor subjects, nor subject levels. Just that
  6. I took relativity last year (along with EM waves) and it wasn't too difficult, but still quite interesting. It brings concepts that are (probably) completely new to you, and wrapping your head around them takes a while, but personally I found it cool.
  7. Actually yeah, I was proud of that thing in the end more of any other work submitted. Ditto for the NP, curious in hearing the experiences.
  8. Depends on your coordinator, I'm pretty sure it wouldn't have worked for mine - except as a mean of documenting all the other activities.
  9. Didn't have Bio or Art, but from what is said around, Bio relies heavily on memorization, and Art just... takes a lot of time. Lang lit needs you to do your reading and to keep it up to date (assuming you want a good grade), so you might feel a bit pressed for time, though that's what IB does. What are you planning to study later on?
  10. As already said above, but just to point it out - check with your teacher, just in case. It's quite strange, though, that they haven't checked your topics already before you started the work...
  11. Mmmmm gimmeeeeh Caramel mocha
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