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  1. It wasn't that bad, I had a couple of boyfriends out side of IB who were completely understanding. But I would reccommend not having one for the last few months and it he destracted me wayyy too much and I was disappointed with my grades from mocks. TL;DR Have the time of your life but control yourself.
  2. Hello I'm sorry for the late reply, I never have enough time to go on this website anymore! In reply to your question, you should pick it based on how well you've represented that theme through your art pieces and your visual journal. I can't really help you with this unless I see your artwork. Do you have a deviant art account that you can upload pictures to? I'd love to help a fellow IBer though Best of Luck
  3. Oh wow Yours must've been really good.
  4. I'd be happy to be involved but not for CAS hours. I think it would be nice to talk to someone who is going through the same thing that I am
  5. Hey there, That's not bad at all. At least you know what you can improve on! By the way... we're doing all the same subjects at the same levels!! apart from physics. Thank god you also do Japanese... I swear there's no one else on here who does Japanese.
  6. oooo tough one... chips! naughty vs nice?
  7. Props to you sir, pretty much explains most of my afternoons.
  8. Vanity - Lady Gaga & Aeroplanes by B.O.B feat. Hayley Williams
  9. it depends on your teachers/school/subject. But on average I get about 1-3 hours of homework However once exams start getting closer, the homework diminishes to about an hour. And then of course you have assignments and such. Hope that gave you a rough idea
  10. Pirates of the Caribbean fo' sho'! johnny depp hot pizza or cold pizza?
  11. definitely late nights. I function a lot better because I'm not a zombie Mornings usually just dont agree with me! Which is odd because I start school at 7:30am and finish at 1pm
  12. I usually find that breathing helps when exams and assessment are due. I agree with the others, but make sure you keep a balance of work and play, otherwise you will burn out very quickly. Another few pointers: 1. make sure you can time manage yourself 2. discover the best way you study ASAP (e.g. flash cards, drawing, etc) 3. keep smiling! hope that helps
  13. why on earth did I get the calculus book! this test is rigged
  14. For the past year I've been completely into my visual art theme and I've always wanted to know what other people have picked. So this is a space for anyone to share what their theme is and how they decided upon their theme. Mine is focused upon Japanese art and western culture influencing on Japanese art. I arrived at this topic because of my love for Japanese culture and the language. I've explored a large array of different media with all kinds of topics.
  15. you could definately do "are everyday objects counted as art?" but you need to be more specific... like, which time period, what counts as "everyday" etc. i dont know if this will help you but this is how i got my topic for my art EE >> i realised i have a passion for japanese culture (is there a culture which fascinates you?) >> i love japanese art >> how could I analyse the art? (through time, styles, media etc) >> eventually i chose my time frame and styles to focus on and all my 3854 words flowed from there. Before starting to write I suggest spending a few days at
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