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  1. My classmates and I are due to begin presentation planning soon and I was thinking of potential RLS. I really really want to talk about films or TV shows, did that with Jurassic Park last year (almost did Mean Girls for a practice one earlier this year). So here are a few potential shows that I was thinking of. 1. Sherlock - the Hounds of Baskerville https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ibpJvtB4WIE I basically got my idea from the clip above - it's a clip where John is in the cage and he thinks he can see the hound, but then Sherlock releases him and tells him that he only saw the hound because
  2. Hello fellow BC-ians! It's the second week of the strike and my schoolmates and I are getting pretty antsy over it. We're wondering if we have enough time to complete all the stuff that we'll need to do during the school year. Worse still, we've no idea when the strike will end. Our teachers have been completely ignoring us - but apparently some teachers at other schools have been emailing them what to do during the strike. So I was wondering what you guys are doing now? Working on EE's, IA's? Starting the new syllabus on your own? (Does anyone have the Grade 12 syllabus for math & g
  3. So for our design lab, our teacher has been telling us to do something about "factors that affect photosynthesis" (if I'm not mistaken, we don't have a sheet or anything yet, she just gave us a really quick heads up.) So I was thinking of manipulating the wavelenghts of light using coloured plastic. I'll have a plant and a small beaker of water underneath a bell jar, or overturned beaker, with the plastic covering it. After a while I'll be measuring the the pH change of the water, to see if it's more acidic or basic by then, and tie it back to how much CO2 was used / O2 was released. I'm not s
  4. So my groupmates and I were thinking of basing our Knowledge Issue on Jurassic Park (which was intended to be our "real life situation" -yeah, we know it's fiction hahah) and to do something along the lines of the TOK essay topic of how ethics limit production of knowledge in the area of the natural sciences. My teacher said that it was a good starting point, and to find an actual real life situation to go with it. And here we got pretty stuck. Anyone have any ideas of what kind of real life situations could go with something about the natural sciences spiralling out of control during experime
  5. Hello! I'm writing my EE on Geo, and in Malaysia, we have different primary schools for students, eg. national public school, Chinese public school etc. And because Chinese schools tend to have more focus on culture (from what I know), I was thinking of investigating the difference in educational facilities based on culture. For example, what kind of language the students prefer speaking, what sort of culture-based competitions they have (calligraphy painting, for instance) and so on. I was wondering if this was a suitable topic. Below are sample RQ's that I've thought of. "Is there a link bet
  6. Thanks for replying Thrashmaster! All of those three schools are in one town, so the culture and income would be pretty much the same. Which is where I got stuck. From what I've heard most Geo EE's do well if the student does field work - collecting primary data. But we are allowed to use secondary data. Tbh I've only found one good EE exemplar which relied on secondary data. The others got 16-ish. it's also recommended to use geographic models/theories.
  7. Hello there! I've been thinking hard about my Geo EE and I'm pretty lost. I'm Malaysian, and I will be spending almost the whole summer there, near the capital, Kuala Lumpur, so I have to do my research there. But I'll also be going to Penang, which is famous for tourism and food. So the ideas that I had are: i) Are the street stalls near big houses representative of income disparities? ii) A comparison of jobs and incomes in a higher level residential area and lower income residential area, which are close by to each other iii) There are three primaries schools in one town: a Malay one, a Tam
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