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  1. I did option B (human biochem) and D (medicines and drugs) i thought it was fairly easy I didn't really study the whole "combinatorial chemistry" so that was iffy but the rest was good.
  2. omg! i almost did that and then I wasn't sure if he was left wing or right wing so I picked Hitler's quote question as well ahahah
  3. Haha, that was the TZ2 paper..! It had the rate of change, as 800e^0.13 or something, on the vectors question you had to find the value for a, given that the angle was 40! What did you get for EF on that? yea exactly! omg.. umm i think i messed up cause i got something like plus or minus square root of 14 for the value of a what did you get for the rate of change.. i wasn't sure what i was supposed to do.. and what's EF?
  4. yea and apparently her SAT scores were amazing... what happened
  5. well that's something none of my teachers told me I could do. Thanks for the info tdubthebassist
  6. hey i always wondered, what IS math studies? like how is it different from maths ?
  7. which teacher? ahah it would be nice to know
  8. mimii

    The Americas

    Hi, my teacher was a total **** and I have really bad notes on the mexican revolution as well as the section about slavery.. does anybody have notes i could read, or a good website perhaps? thanks!
  9. i don't remember any of the questions you're mentionning and i live in Ottawa ahahah! i had questions on bacterias at one point and question 9 was a long vector question and question 8 was about sectors and the length of the arc. anyways i liked paper 1 better..
  10. my history teacher told me we would have 5 minutes for every paper.
  11. you can retake exams? or do you mean you'd re-start the program?
  12. You know what? My bad I confused that question with a question from Paper 2. :/ oopsies. Besides that question that was kinda tricky to me i found the exam relatively simple, except for #10 e. with the integral p to p + 3pi/2 . i had no clue how to solve it
  13. for the matrix question? really? oh, how did you figure that out? You guys are TZ1 right? to be honest i have no idea what TZ i am i didn't even look. but i think so haha. Oh ok yea i had no time to check if it was right or not; oh well too bad
  14. for the matrix question? really? oh, how did you figure that out?
  15. LOL I mean grade 6 not 6 points. ahahaha ok yea thats reassuring. umm my teacher showed us the way they graded in 2008 and to get a 7 you needed 67-90/90 points.. randomly for paper 1 and 55-66/90 for a 6. but for paper 2 it was 74/90 for a 7. he told us it changes every year.. so we cant be sure
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