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  1. Or you could do what I did. Form a band and become super popular Now guess which band I started? If music's not your forte, then go into porn *Form
  2. I just feel that ToK being taught in the US is more interesting for students because american teachers tend to add more depth and opinion into the syllabus rather than just abiding by the syllabus's rules.
  3. i got a 3 on my math SL exam despite getting perfect scores on the portfolios and school test. idk what happened when it came to the IB math exma I was really pissed off
  4. So, who watched Eurovision?? I thought that Lena's accent was horrible even though she won.
  5. Hi, I got accepted in Virginia Tech (doing the engineering program ) So, for those of who have been there or about to go there, have any ideas on what it's like to be there. What are the classes like? How's the party life there (looking forward to this one)? What's he town, Blacksburg, like?
  6. Some of my IB friends live nearby, so I just call them up and hang out/chill at their place for about an hour max have have a beer or two (we're party people )
  7. How do grade boundaries work? Say, do examiners take ALL the Chemistry SL exams, mark them and then decide on grade boundaries. Or, do they mark all Chem SL exams only in one timezone and then decide on grade boundaries(so that every timezone has a different grade boundary)?
  8. :') These are tears of joy. Thanks for the reply mate...I think I see light shining through that door :') More replies are welcome
  9. Hi, I love physics but my teacher sucks at teaching the subject and now I'm demoralized. I forgot most of the things we learned in physics because my teacher just simply SUCKS! I now have to reread my physics book all over again! (Physics for the IB diploma 5th edition by K.A. Tsokos... this book. I'm prolly gonna have to sleep with every night. Anyways, for the people taking chemistry, you might know ibchem.com. This is a great website for reviewing chemistry and everything related to it for the exams and such. I was wondering if anyone knows of any website like that which can help me study f
  10. I got accepted into Virginia Tech and Florida Tech. Anyone enlighten me on the environment in both the universities?
  11. The best place to graph the graphs would be to use a program called autograph or you can simply use excel . Honestly guys...this was the easiest portfolio I have ever done. I am sure after you finished it you felt the same way. At first I was just so confused and I didn't know how to approach the problem, then I figured out that it was as simple as following a few matrices rules...it's all about using matrices. THIS PORTFOLIO IS REALLY REALLY EASY!!!
  12. Mine was on Narcissus and Goldmund. I talked about characterization of Goldy
  13. Hi, I had the same problem as you when I was in IB1. So, long story short, get the "Physics for the IB diploma 5th edition". It's by K.A.Tsokos. It is by the far the best physics text book I have ever seen and read in IB
  14. So, I am designing my own procedure on how the concentration of substances affects the voltage in a voltaic cell. I am given two substances: 1) CuO4S.5H2O and the molecular weight is 249.68g/mol. 2) Mg(NO3)2.6H2O and the molecular weight is 256.41g/mol. I have chosen my dependent variable to be the voltage and the independent variable being the concentration of solutions. I have to investigate how the change in the concentration in one of the substances affects the voltage. I am told to find out what mass I should be using in order to come up with different concentrations to use...I am confuse
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