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  1. km42

    MATH SL IA help

    I guess my problem is I don't know how I can form a function? On LoggerPro my data is pretty consistent with a logarithmic curve, and that's what I'm trying to do, show how the rate slows faster in animals. I suck at math
  2. I would go for Bio HL because year two is half going over year one. I'm currently in both Bio and Chem HL. The first year of chemistry has a lot of math, so you'd have to face it either path you take; however if you take SL it will be more fresh on your mind.
  3. I don't think so....I think that (at least in the US) left wing people are thought of being more globally conscious and accepting of various cultures while the right wing is all about "Keeping America American" (.....). At my school most of the people in IB stray towards the left though. I think because IB has a global perspective..?
  4. km42

    MATH SL IA help

    I'm doing my math IA on comparing growth of other animals compared to humans because humans reach maturity a lot later than other animals, so I thought it would be interesting. Unfortunately, I really don't know where to go from there, and my rough draft is due Tuesday. I figured I could do exponential curves and compare them, but that's definitely not enough math. Or maybe I could find a logarithmic function from them? But I don't know how I could compare them. Another thing is my other animal is a golden retrievers because I thought it would be easy to find data, but all I found was this htt
  5. you can compare the government in 1984 to the government in Animal Farm which is also by George Orwell.
  6. I want my EE to compare homoeroticism in two novels. I was thinking about Death in Venice, but I want to do my External Assessment on it, and I heard you can't use the same novel for both. My other novel is A Picture of Dorian Gray. So, I'm wondering if there is a good novel that has the same homosexual undertones in these novels.
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