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  1. oh... duh. our just never words it that way, so i didn't know what the question was asking me to do. thanks guys!
  2. Okay I'm not sure if you guys have a copy of the May 08 Math SL mock test, but I have to do it for homework, and I don't understand what one of the questions is asking! #4 says "differentiate each of the following with respect to x" and it's like y=sin4x, y=xtanx, y=lnx/x. help please? Thanks!
  3. okay well probably your teacher wants you to cover ONE main point, not three. two at most. i'd go for something that you can *conclusively* prove... or as close to conclusively as you can get. the narrative essay writing is just like when you're telling the background part of your paper that you don't make it into a story. she just wants to make sure that you're doing *analyzing* and not writing a story, if that makes sense.
  4. There's so many different things I listen to! I have friends with a wide range of musical tastes, so that becomes reflected on me. My best friend listens to alternative music, so at present my favorite songs in her car are "Teleport: A & B" by Spill Canvas and "Gives You Hell" by the All-American Rejects. We especially love the Twilight movie soundtrack (yay Paramore!). Also Taylor Swift, as a slightly different genre. With my Indian best guy friend, I listen to Bollywood music (which surprisingly is pretty neat!) and lots of girl singing (Lenka, Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, Adel
  5. late nights are definitely a lot better for me! i don't like waking up, and i'm liable to sleep in past my "waking-up-to-do-homework" time... and it won't get done. haha.
  6. yeah i agree with you there. American commercial music. If not "commercial" per say then just "American." Blue man group did originate the US, right? It's American post-modern or something like that...
  7. Vvi, you hate jazz? Why? It's lots of fun! (especially to play... lots of improv!)
  8. at our school, we don't have pre-IB anymore. 9th and 10th graders are "MYP" IB students (middle years program). that starts from grade 6, in the middle school. what's the difference between MYP and PIB? does it matter?
  9. school starts at 7:20 AM. i usually don't get to bed until around 11 or 12. last semester it was mostly 12 (or even later). i'm getting better about it now, more towards the 10-11 time. it's still not enough sleep though!
  10. sad to say, but barney was definitely my favorite. i actually defended barney against magic school bus on the playground at school once. arthur was also my other favorite as i kept growing, along with cyberchase. i didn't (and still don't) have cable, so all i saw was pbs. on the occasion of cable, i liked nickelodeon's all about ginger and cartoon network's acme hour haha. do you guys remember the powderpuff girls? they annoyed me to death...
  11. maybe about the knowledge of nuclear weapons in iraq and how it affected American response to 9/11?
  12. runny nose. i can't sing w/ a sore throat. tone deaf or rhythm-less?
  13. banned for misspelling banning in a post about banning. shame on you, ib kid!
  14. handwashing gel. i can't deal with the slipping thing of real soap. i like how it smells though... what's your favorite type of tropical fruit?
  15. Okay I have no idea in what categories the English books go (they don't tell us in class grrrr), but here they are, in no particular order! The Bluest Eye--Toni Morrison (child gets raped by her dad... this was graphic and just awful!!!) Brave New World--Huxley (ugh... dystopian crap...) The Scarlet Letter--Hawthorne (I'm not sure if this was actually IB or if they just made us read it over the summer for kicks, but it was awful) The Bell Jar--Sylvia Plath (actual not terrible, a better counterpart to Catcher in the Rye) Chronicle of a Death Foretold--Gabriel García Marquéz (gross, silly, stup
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