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  1. Hello, I had to defer a year because of an accident, and so could not take the IB Sciences exams last year. I now have to transition into the new syllabus from the old syllabus, except that I am having great, and I mean GREAT difficulties in doing so. My two science subjects are: Biology HL and Chemistry HL. I was always a 5 student in HL Biology, and I was always bad at HL Chemistry. I have no remorse over chemistry, as I have been failing it before the accident. But I do have remorse for biology, because I was always a 5 student and now I have hit rock bottom and is onl
  2. Anyone up for Nov 15 HL/SL Psych Discussion? P1 - PB1 - CGLO4 - SCGLO2 - PB4 - CGLO3 - CN2 P2 Abn - GF1/2, CD2 Health - GF2, S3 (?) and I can't remember the others... I did options Abn and Health and for paper 1 I did CGLO3 on Lab Experiments. How did everyone go?
  3. We don't get to choose in my school... sadly. But we're doing Human BioChem (Opt B) and Med and Drugs (Opt D), I haven't read Human Bio Chemistry yet and we are going to start it in three weeks time, but Medicines and Drugs are definitely fun! It also helps you if you are interested in the pharmacy area, as it shows how medicines work... normally. And also some 'basic knowledge' in terms of the pharmacy industry. I do HL Chemistry and the HL part of Option D (Opt D8 to D10) shows how the drugs work or how it works chemically (so HL topic of Organic Chem comes out) so that was fun too. SL
  4. I think I did a very bad job. I did my IA on sugar acting as an inhibitor for lactase, and did my experiment, but the data was crap. So I did more research on lactase inhibition of sugar but I found nothing. Is there anyone who can offer some help for this? Does anyone have any articles for lactase inhibition of sugar? Or did I screw up my IA?
  5. Hello, I am planning to do a Therapeutic EE in Psych. I have a few questions to ask though - 1. Is PTSD too overdone? 2. OR Is PSTD and the effect of different psychotherapies too overdone? If the answer to both of the questions are "no", then it will be great because I already have a lot of resources on this... Thank you!
  6. Hello, I have to design an Enzymes IA D DCP CE. Right now I am planning my method, and I don't know what is a good and simple method for digestion. My enzyme is lactase, and I will use 100mm3 of lactose (probably milk) substrate concentration. I have no sample Enzymes Design IA so if someone could inform me about the methods you use for an enzymes IA I will be very grateful. Thank you so much!!
  7. Since Formal (aka Prom in US) is coming, in May for my school, I am super excited for it and since it is the last official-school-fun-event that we're ever going to have before Semester 2 comes up and Term 3 comes up, I am preparing really early for it. So far I have my dress, shoes and hair/makeup all set. All I need is a clutch. (IDK if it's weird not caring for a date or even having a date or not, but I don't care) My dress is White, not creamy white, just white, shoes are black with gold sparkly emboss (I also don't know if this is the correct terminology), my necklace is gold with ro
  8. I re-made my research question - "To what extent does altruism cure depression in collectivist and individualist cultures?" Following the advice above, I am going to find one common way it affects depressed people in both cultures and then discuss how it can help to cure depression. Would that be more narrow and structured? Or would that be just out of the blue thing? Like one minute I'm discussing altruism's effect on depressed people in two cultures and the next I'm discussing how it can help cure depression - would that be just too out of the blue?
  9. Hello, My EE research question I have chosen is 'To what extent does altruism affect depressed people in a Collectivist culture and an Individualist culture?' I know that this is not narrow, but I think it is quite specific enough. When choosing this topic, Altruism, I found two research articles (The Nature of Human Altruism - Fehr and Fischbacher, 2003 and Altruism and Depression - Wright, 2013) and decided to use that as the foundation of my EE. The Wright, 2013 article was chosen because it specifically discussed the relationship of altruism and depressed people. I have also found t
  10. For my IA preparation, my teacher told me to evaluate the method on a study. I chose Peterson and Peterson (1959) and I don't know how to evaluate the method. Please help me Peterson_and_Peterson_1959.pdf
  11. It is broad - very broad. Broad enough to write 4k words for it. But it depends on which TV characters you choose, as if you choose really broad characters, then it's going to take you over the limit. I don't know if it is good or valid, as I'm a psych student myself and is working on my EE. How about you just stick to one effect, or just one type of character and stick to that? Such as: "To what extent can a (violent TV character) effect the viewer's behaviour in different age groups? Hope this helps.
  12. In halogenoalkanes, the bond between the carbon-atom & the halogen is polar (with the carbon-atom being slightly more positive compare to the halogen); thus the region around the carbon-atom is called electron deficient area, which can be easily attacked by a negatively-charged nucleophile. Based on this fact, scientists use a nucleophile to attack this ‘electron-deficient area’ of the carbon-atom to replace the halogens inside the compound; all of this attack-and-replacing business is the so-called “nucleophilic substitution reaction†(and hence the symbol 'Sn') The rest of the s
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