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  1. Well, I am going to take a course at Stockholm University this spring, but I'm still applying for programs in the UK starting in September 2011. I just wondered if you knew what course I should take to maximize my chances of getting into Arabic-IR at St. Andrews. Given that I am already taking a course in Political Science at the moment, I figured that taking a course in Spanish during the spring will show my interest in languages, which is important when I apply for Arabic. Plus, I am fairly sure that I can ace the Spanish course. I am not planning to study at Stockholm University for long.
  2. Okay, guys. I have the opportunity of stuyding any course at Stockholm University this spring and I want to choose one that would maximize my chances of getting into Arabic-International Relations at St. Andrews. Unfortunately, Stockholm University does not offer any beginner's courses in Arabic during the spring, but they do offer International Relations. However, I'm thinking about doing Spanish instead because I feel that I could really excel in that course, and it would also underscore my interest in languages. What do you think? Quick, help me, I have to apply today!!
  3. I think that UK universities in general place less emphasis on extracurricular activities than American universities. But of course I should include them in my personal statement if they are relevant. Concerning teacher recommendations I think I'm going to ask my English teacher for a reference. She likes me, and she can probably write some nice things about my language skills (which is pertinent to my choice of Arabic). And thanks for your last advice. It's true - what have I got to lose really? Well, I don't wanna go to St. Andrews only because it's St. Andrews. It offers the exact program
  4. Ok, thanks. At the moment I'm taking a course in Political Science at Stockholm University. Next semester I'm going to do Economics, but I'm thinking about switching to an IR course if that increases my chances of getting into St. Andrews by showing my dedication to the subject. And yes, I must check what level of language I need to know. I just presumed that it teaches Arabic from scratch, especially since you take a bunch of different subjects (I think?) the first year in Scotland.
  5. I graduated from IB in May 2010 with a diploma of 39 points. Now I want to apply to universities in the UK to study Arabic and International Relations. I really want to get into St Andrews but I'm doubtful as to whether they will accept me. The minimum requirement for Arabic-IR is 38 points (only because IR is so popular; other joint honours with Arabic require around 36) so I'm just above the limit. My personal statement will not be filled with stories about fancy extracurricular activities, but I'm sure that my English teacher can write a fantastic reference about my language skills. It's to
  6. The courses I'm planning to skip is my Language A1 (not English A1) course.
  7. Well, I suppose we can, but not until next week, and it's pretty urgent now.
  8. I know that the essay exists. One of my homies has it in paperform, but I need it on my computer.
  9. The title says it all I guess. This essay would really help me, since I'm doing my EE on a similar topic. If you have it, please let me know. My MSN/e-mail is
  10. Oh yeah? 17 views, no replies? Thanks a lot. You guys are so helpful! GODDAMNIT. HELP!
  11. Hello. I have now worked out a topic for my EE, which will be about censorship of hip hop music in the American media. My thought is to investigate how hip hop is censored (eg certain words being removed, certain records being banned, etc.) and also why it is censored. Perhaps I can also look at how a song is affected by censorship, and so on... I'm not really sure how to structure my essay. Perhaps you can help me
  12. Yeah, that's what I am going to do. And perhaps compare how the portrayal of hiphop and its "connection" to drugs differ between newspapers that represent views on different sides of the political spectrum (e.g. Democratic vs. Republican).
  13. Yeah, I will be focusing on America. And I must of course prove that what I'm saying is correct, like the media trying to link hiphop with drug use among teenagers.
  14. Hi. I am in the process of coming up with a topic for my Extended Essay. I want to write about hip hop, and more specifically how the media tries to link it with drug use among teenagers. For such an essay, I think I would use statistics on how the drug use among teenagers has increased/decreased over the last years. I would also use statistics that show whether the references to drugs in hiphop lyrics has increased over the last years. In addition, I could use statistics that show whether hiphop listeners are more prone to drug use than listeners of other music genres. Of course, I would also
  15. Hi. I have a question. Why does the vegetation on for example an island change as we move away from the shoreline and go further inland? I mean, first there is water, then rocks, then grass, then smaller plants, then bushes, then trees. What is this called and why is it like this? It's not succession, is it?
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