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  1. Since it's the holidays and I don't have much work and have some spending money, I would like to know what you guys have on your desk which might be useful for me down the road. Thanks and happy holidays!
  2. So I am going into Year 1 in about a week and my friend (also going into Year 1) just applied for a part-time retail job and got it. I had thought about working during IB but isn't the workload too much to handle already? Besides I am already thinking about extra curricular activities so I don't think getting a job in IB is a good idea but what do you guys think? Am I just thinking too much?
  3. Hey guys, I am in Pre IB right now (I just turned 16 so you guys can do that math what level I am at but it's basically the year before year 1) and I am just very curious about what computer(s) you guys use for daily schoolwork and such. In my school 75% of the kids have a MacBook of some sort and I use an extremely slow-ass Chromebook. My parents let me purchase a new laptop but I figured I should find out what other IB students outside my school use to do their work and i want suggestions on which computer I should buy as well. Thanks! Enjoy your day!
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