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  1. khunffon, I agree with annnushkaaa that your question is a first degree question, but I don't think any of your questions should be first degree. Any knowledge question/issue that can be answered with "yes" or "no" is not good for TOK. Although your question is an ethical one, "thrashmaster" is correct. If and/or after you modify your main knowledge question, I would recommend coming up with subquestions using other areas of knowledge and ways of knowing such as "how do reason and emotion influence the information that governments decide to censor?" or something like that. I hope this he
  2. cherrydaisy, For your presentation, you need to have multiple knowledge issues that branch off of your main knowledge issue. While I think that your main knowledge issue is good as it is now (IB sometimes likes the words "in what ways" instead of how, but your way is fine), you need to have more KIs to discuss. I would recommend trying to go into the WOKs and other AOKs in addition to ethics and human sciences. For example, you could have something like: to what extent does emotion influence laws and/or freedom of expression? Not that, obviously, but something of that nature. Then you c
  3. helpwithib, I would highly recommend taking Statistics first and then Calculus. I took IBHL Math which was mixed in with AP, but I took Calculus first. I felt as though it would be a lot easier to review Statistics for the HL Math and have a better grip on Calculus because only about 2/3 of the AP Statistics course is covered in IB HL Math. As "thrashmaster" and "Ossih" said, there is a lot of material in IB HL that is not covered in AP. On Paper 3, you have options. In most schools, your teacher will choose these for you since they have to declare which option before you take the test.
  4. The latest I have ever had to stay up doing IB work is 11:00 p.m., but as long as you don't procrastinate, you should be fine. Really, you just need to do well on your internal assessments and exams. Some teachers assign homework that is helpful, others don't. Basically, you should find the sorts of things that will be on each of your exams and study those topics in detail. You can probably avoid or at least pay less attention to the rest.
  5. If you are a full diploma student, you technically don't need to "pass" the French exam if you can make up for it with another exam. If you are a certificate student, a four is passing, but most universities want fives and above to give you credit. I had taken French for about 3 years before I started IB French, and without a ton of studying (that is, French was not my priority), I did well enough on the SL exam.
  6. Bonjour, This website has a lot of good vocabulary. Based on the French test I took, you need a good understanding of direct and indirect objects, so study that before taking the test. You still have time, but don't procrastinate because cramming for IB tests is really difficult, especially if you're trying to study for five or more at one time. http://www.languageguide.org/french/ I hope this helps.
  7. I did my EE in an SL subject (Music Theory), but my teacher was a horrible supervisor. He gave me very little direction, and he spent more time correcting commas than giving advice on musical elements. I don't mean to discourage you, hopefully you have a better teacher. You need to understand that you will be doing a lot of work on this and it should be on something that you're interested in. If you cannot get a lot of help from your supervisor, you'll need to look for more resources.
  8. Hi. My teacher has just given me some music from different cultures at the last minute (well, week). I can do some analysis with musical and structural features, but how do I analyze the context of songs? What are some significant features of music from different time periods? Also, I noticed that a couple of the past tests ask what places certain pieces in the Baroque era (or whatever musical period they come from). How do I answer this? Thanks.
  9. I would agree with "Charliepants." Look at the portrayal of adultery as well as the unhappiness in the marriages (Myrtle-George, Tom-Daisy). One reason that Gatsby and Daisy's love for each other seems to be less immoral is that Tom Buchanan is arrogant and a bully. Gatsby, though he didn't make his money through legal means, we never see that side of him.
  10. I know that part of Paper 1 is multiple choice, but for the short responses, should I just write the answer, or should I write it as a complete sentence? Thanks.
  11. After taking a practice test (the poetry or prose one), I tried to cover the usual poetic devices and the theme. What should I do to prepare for this part of the test? Also, what should I do to prepare for the other test that has the comparison and contrast part? (I'm going to look over the books our teacher said we could use: Great Expectations, Great Gatsby, The Awakening, and Their Eyes Were Watching God.) Thanks.
  12. My teacher gave me several examples of written essays and the questions that go with them, but I don't know what the unidentified scores are. It's from the May 2008 exam year. I can't find the audio file on the IB website anywhere. Does anyone know where I can find them? My teacher also gave me the CD and the questions from May 2009, but I have no sample essays from that year. Where can I find those? The IB website only went back to 2011. Thanks.
  13. I would recommend The Beatles Buddy Holly and The Crickets The Everly Brothers Bob Dylan Bill Haley and the Comets Sam Cooke Joan Baez The Beach Boys
  14. My IB Coordinator recently informed us where our IAs and EEs were going. My music EE went to Hong Kong, our math IAs are going to Poland, our music IAs are going to Argentina, the Psychology IAs are going to Sweden, our French IAs are going to the UK, the History EEs are going to Arizona, the Biology EE went to China, the English EE went to the UK, the History IAs are going to Cyprus, and the Spanish IAs are going to Spain. I find that learning where things are sent is one of the most interesting parts of IB. Where are you from? Where are your IAs and EEs being sent? What subjects did you
  15. This last year, I was lucky enough to find two fellow Beatles fans at my school who were my age. It seems like mostly people who like (or sometimes have even heard of) The Beatles are over 50. If you're a Beatles fan, what are your favorite songs? I personally love "You've Got to Hide Your Love Away" and "A Hard Day's Night." I even wrote my Extended Essay on two Beatles songs. Who is/are your favorite Beatles? What are your favorite albums? I love them all, but I especially love A Hard Day's Night and Help!
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