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  1. Really? ... REALLY?? BLESS YOU WieEinClown. Bless you. Are you sure? I get my results July 6th, they would've said something by then right?.... >v< im so happy if you're right!
  2. Hey guys, do any of you know how I can calculate what I might get as my final BIO HL grade, based on how I think i did on my exams, plus the ia's and stuff? there's this website i found : http://www.dpcdsb.org/NR/rdonlyres/257D5ECC-B156-4400-B0C7-D765BB3D4855/140115/201405_Grade_Boundaries.pdf I just need to know what numbers to add and multiply there to calculate it. Like, how much each paper and practical work was worth. For example, I know that the English HL written assignment is worth 20% of the total grade. so, like a percentage. thanks guys!
  3. I didn't ever learn how to do footnotes ....
  4. Hi guys, After reviewing my EE that I submitted in the fall of 2014, I noticed that I made mistakes in my citations. I noticed these mistakes in the winter break of 2014. I read this website: http://ibo.org/globalassets/publications/become-an-ib-school/dp-general-regulatioin-2014.pdf And I think I did exactly what it calls 'academic infringement', where I paraphrased or put quotation marks but by accident didn't put the citation at the end of the sentence/text/quotation marks, yet put the source of where I got it from in the reference page. On this website, they say that "If the final awa
  5. thank you! that's exactly what I thought! @Schrödinger's CAS
  6. Hi guys, From December 2014 to Feb 2015 I rehearsed for and performed in a musical hosted by my school. I want to count it as Creativity, and Action, so it can be a CAS project. I described in my reflection that rehearsing for the musical was physically challenging, because of choreography and all that. Isn't that an action? Or do I have to detail health benefits of this kind of "exercise"? I know people associate the Action part of CAS with things like sports and something contributing to a healthy life style. Could this too count?
  7. That cleared things up for me. My school uses Managebac: meh, if its not required to have extra entries besides the reflection for activities, then I'm fine. Thank you so much!
  8. Hey guys. I've been told different things at my school. I've been emailed that I need 10 reflections meeting 8 learning outcomes. But that doesn't necessarily = cas project # amount, right? You could right different reflections for 1 CAS project, right? As long as you're doing different jobs within that project? I'm so confused. See, not all of my CAS activities were done long enough to be considered a CAS project. I'm really hoping that I don't need 10 projects, just 10 reflections. I have enough activities, just not "projects".
  9. Yes, this is fine. You just can't score a 1 or 2 at HL. Doing either is an automatic failing condition, even if you had 7's in every other subject and an A in both your EE and ToK essay. Are you Super sure? I faintly remember the IB admin at my school saying not to get a 3 in HL... like, getting a 3 there = must get 28 points or something. Maybe I remembered that wrong. As long as I get 12 points in my HL classes (of whatever combination, as long as none is a 1 or 2 score), and 12 points via SL to get a total of 24 points you're saying I'm good? wow.
  10. I'm confused: can you get a 3 on an HL exam and still get the IB Diploma , with 24 points? If for example you get a 3 in history HL and a 4 and 5 in 2 other HL classes. That's still a 12 total for HL classes, according to the OP.
  11. Just to be sure... On Paper 1, I know I wrote about 1 out of 2 texts provided to us. One was a prose excerpt from a book, the other was a poem. Please tell me we (HL kids) weren't supposed to write about both or compare one to the other. I was told by my teacher to do one.
  12. thanks for replying! So, if I pass the rest of my IB exams, I'd get credit for those? But not the one I didn't pass?
  13. Hey guys, I feel like I'm going to get a 3 in an HL class after taking its exams. I just didn't do the best I could have. I'm looking at the grading rubric and it's like, no matter how I work it, I don't think I did well enough to get a 4. I'll be really sad if I don't get my diploma. Can you guys tell me what will happen in college? Will they not accept IB credits from me anymore?
  14. I just wanted to know if college and keeping up with the work is at all comparable to IB work, and if doing IB really Does help you later on. I know, I know, even though I'm taking my exams this month I've had some time to sit back and reflect on everything that has happened. Kinna wondering if any of my effort was worth it. I got into a school other people Not in IB are able to get into. and I know that the way college works is different because its gonna be different teaching styles and we basically have to take care of ourselves, no mom doing laundry. What do you guys think, those who have
  15. Hi, I thought that the "A" in CAS was for activity, and I'm sure that means that engaging in physical activity would count. However, I don't have access to learning a new sport. If someone were to do like a 10 day challenge of exercising and eating right, and they made a blog-page about their experience, couldn't that count for CAS? Its doing something new, challenging, and for health.
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