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  1. MollyS

    History IA

    Hi, Sorry for coming back so late. Thank you all for replying. I'm seriously concerned about my IA now, because your replies are completely right, there is not much one can find on the history of Barbies in literature. I'm kind of panicked because everyone's already gotten their research done and I need to restart. Okay, this was my research question, which I've run by with my supervisor, How has the Barbie doll influenced society/feminism/women throughout history? (Focusing on the sexual rights movement of the 60's) The Coco Chanel idea was really good, except there have been so many IAs
  2. MollyS

    History IA

    Hi, So IAs are coming up, and I really need to choose a topic. I've come up with a few already, like I'm really interested in feminism, and I was thinking perhaps something to do with Barbies. I've spoken with my supervisor already, but he says that I should give him a more focused topic idea. I was thinking about how Barbies have evolved from back then to now, and how Barbie represents her own woman who has taken up these fantastic roles and jobs that woman today still haven't been able to do. (President) But it's not exactly a question, and I'm not really connecting the dots here. If this i
  3. THANK YOU SO MUCH for this!!!!! I am stuck on doing OPVLs for the Dreyfus Affair, but my teacher didn't bother explaining, so I was left wondering what to do with a photograph. This saved my butt. Thanks.
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