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  1. Ask if despite being in the SL French course, if taking the ab initio exam is possible. If not, it might be worth asking if taking Spanish/Mandarin ab initio online is an option. Goodluck!
  2. Errr, the atrocities committed by the US army to the Iraqi civilian population are equal or paramount to the crimes of ISIS, which got its arming and funding from? The US. Also, if beheadings were such a concern to the US, why the chummy relationship w Saudi Arabia? Lets be honest, the US does not gaf about human rights, only its interests.
  3. Aren't many of us already condemning the Iraq war and the other restless issues we have in the middle east? Corruption is pretty much the same thing, though I did have a hilarious conversation with a friend, who said that e.g. taking bribes isn't corrupt if done legally . Haha many of us are thankfully! But I hear far more condemnations of ISIS than the Iraq "war" which is at best, ironic.
  4. Definitely the handling of the refugee crisis. Can't forget 21st century *colonization* I.E The Iraq invasion, Regime change in Libya, Israeli occupation of Palestine etc ect. There's alot more but I'm just going to put those 2 out there.. Honestly tho I'm so annoyed like what even is the point of the study of history if we're only to repeat past mistakes? Why are world leaders so corrupt? It's 20 flipping 15???????
  5. This one is pretty famous and I have heard about it. The story goes like this: US government's major business revolves around arms and ammunition deals. However, as the new millennium began terrorism had almost vanished from the surface of the earth. Therefore, to boost sales US government conspired with Al-Qaeda to give people the idea that terror does still exist. However, it has not been proved and the assassination of Osama does speak otherwise (maybe it can a hoax too or it might have been executed to keep his mouth shut - who knows!!!). The assassination of Osama (who worked for th
  6. Hey there! I was in a similar situation when I wanted to self study another language my school doesn't offer (Somali). Unfortunately, after looking extensively, I believe that neither of our languages are offered at the B levels because well, the demand to learn these languages as 2nd languages is near non existent when compared to other languages. Also, 'A2' has now been replaced w/ Lang and Lit, which is oddly not available for Amharic and a few other languages. Now unless youre really determined to sacrifice everything for the course, I wouldn't recommend taking Amharic Lit self study lol
  7. Not really, our former IB coordinator who's a lot more experienced is gone on maternity leave... I feel helpless . How soon are exams usually sent off? Hmm, are there any teachers you could go to about this? Maybe talk to your school's administration?
  8. My coordinator is new and he's really laid back. I asked him today and he kind of just brushed it off, saying it was attached anyways.... I'm so worried,... would IB even care to rectify the situation? or is it an automatic 'we're not marking this' response?
  9. I forgot to write my candidate number for Paper 1 on the answer booklet that is given to us for Section B of the SL Math exam. I'm super worried, but our exams are already sent off so I don't know what to do I did write it on the exam booklet however and its on the cover sheet attached. I heard though that they separate it when marking it or something??? I don't know Has anyone heard of something similar happening to them or others?? How is it usually handled? Thanks!
  10. TZ1 as well haha. On Paper 2 I found the nerve impulse one to be quite ambiguous too tbh, it was really vague. I answered with things on repolarization and depolarization however bc that was the only thing i knew lool.
  11. SallyShariff, I found your post quite interesting, actually. Indeed, does religion and science really contradict? I think there's a fundamental flaw with your argument, though. The sacred texts of all religions need to be interpreted, and, as such, my reading of the Qur'an will be different from yours. For instance, let us consider your first quote from the Qur'an: "And it is We who have constructed the heaven with might, and verily, it is We who are steadily expanding it." (The Qur'an, 51:47) Now, you argue that this line is supporting the big bang theory and the idea that the universe is co
  12. Thank you! Someone understands where I'm coming from I assume you're Muslim, right? You assumed correctly haha .
  13. So I guess my purpose for this post is to say that it is you religious people who believe in god in the first place, so it is you who have to provide evidence for it. It's not the job of science to disprove all 'idiotic' theories in the world. Science is a method of discovering things, not a method to disprove things. To be honest, I think the discussion of god would have ended a long time ago if people just tried to look at the scientific evidence before their own eyes to see how many things the bible & the quran (& many other scriptures) contradict with the real-life evidence. So ple
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