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  1. Do you have to pass each exam paper or just overall. For example, I have 3 papers in History HL. Do I need a 4+ in all 3 papers or is it enough if my overall grade is a 4+?
  2. So the Computer Science case study is out and it is on electronic banking. Personally I feel like this topic is super boring but you gotta go what you gotta do right? Anyways even though our exams are not till May my teacher wants to finish our whole syllabus by December, which is why I have started the case study prep. I'm a little unfamiliar with how to tackle this but this is my rough plan: - read the case study - look up all additional terminology - read all the external links provided - research, research research So far I have done 1 and 2 and i've linked my definitions as well a
  3. I'm doing my extended essay on John Green's The Fault in Our Stars. However the only reference i'm referring to is the actual book. Is this ok?? Do I lose marks for this? How many sources does a bibliography need to have usually??
  4. I am entering into my senior year of high school and am debating on my major. I am not sure between computer science or electrical engineering and computer science (EECS at Berkeley.) I take both math and physics at the standard level. I do not take chemistry (is this bad??) but take Computer Science HL.
  5. Hi, Can you upload your glossary as well if it's not too much trouble?
  6. I think that if you want to have time to hang out with friends/ enjoy yourself you will make time. I don't think you need to spend every minute of everyday studying and if you are then maybe you need to re-look at your subject combination. Just try to get a head start during the holidays and you should be fine .
  7. I had my IOP a few months ago and I was really nervous! Here are a few things I did- 1. I tried to make a few jokes/ keep it light. 2. DON'T READ FROM A PAPER. Some kids did that and I fell asleep. 3. One of my friends made cue cards that said stuff like 'applause!' It kept the audience really entertained. 4. When quoting from the text, a lot of my classmates imitated how they thought the character spoke. This was really entertaining . Good luck
  8. look at the mark schemes of the essays you have already written and find out what is lacking in your essay. Other than that always include historiography and remember that your essay should be 1 part descriptive and 2 parts analytical.
  9. I just listen to a lot of eminem. He gets me pumped and mad enough to tackle physics.
  10. I don't really think there is anything you can do. Try talking to your IB coordinator. Sorry
  11. think of the different perspectives. Because your KI has the word 'society' in it your perspectives can be just about anything. Think of the implications and connect them back to your real life situation. Make sure your real life situation is current. Make sure your presentation is balanced and not just one sided. This might help http://www.theoryofknowledge.net/tok-presentation/ Message me if you need any more help.
  12. I need help doing CAS that counts as action. I have finished my creativity and service but i'm stumped on ideas for the action part. All help will be appreciated .
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