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  1. 1- Yeah given to you. A fresh one 2- RESEARCH. Speak to your teacher. Read online. 3- yes style isthe same but it varies depending on technologies stated. 4- YES. Take initiative. Start a discourse. Alrighty already went throgh it and it looks alright. Gonna make a thread about it as soon as I get free.
  2. For what I know as a ITGS student ITGS isn't about ICT, it's about the ability to analyse the issues and impacts ICT has one society more so than being purely a IT subject. You need to be aware of IT developments and their effect on society. But, before you take it make sure that your school is able to teach it and has a good record in terms of ITGS grades, a lot of schools fail to teach ITGS properly. I don't take the other subjects so I can't give any reliable infomation.
  3. If you meet specific requirements (e.g 30 IB points) they will allow you to skip the foundation. My friend is going to Ottawa I think, you can ask me any questions about it and I'll forward them to him.
  4. So with the IB tests closing in starting to prepare for subjects like ITGS include the case study and I have few questions concerning it: 1- Are we allowed to have the case study with us in the exam? 2- What I'm I supposed to look for and analyse in the case study besides what is stated in the papers 3- What is the style of the questions, is the same as the other papers? 4- I have seen that the 2012 and 2013 case studies had their own threads, can't we have one for this year? I'm I or anyone else allowed to start such a thread to discuss the case study of this year?
  5. Try to spend more time looking for articles, videos, documentaries about the ITGS issues and technology.
  6. Procrastination isn't exactly always a bad thing, sometimes it can tell you that you're doing it the wrong way, or your workflow is unorganised. The solution is to plan to do as little as work as you can afford and to think of what to do after your done working instead of thinking of what how long or hard the work is.
  7. Try expanding the topic a bit, like explaining what sort of effect internet has (research source, wasting time , cheating, stealing others work).
  8. I was looking for paper 2 ITGS past papers between 2009-2014 but couldn't find any, can anyone help?
  9. Okay, while many of my friends already know about university and which universities they want to go to I seem to be completely lost, from requirements to countries. How do you research for universities? What do you look for? When do you start-I'm still at grade 11?
  10. I would disagree though, there is no laptop as light and with the same performance as the macbook air and retina pros in windows with similar pricing. And OSX is better with battery life than windows and gets free OS updates as of november 2013.
  11. In my phone I'm running cyanogenMod (a modified version of android) and I absolutely love it. In my laptop I have windows 7, but I had enough from windows and I'm switching to a macbook pro w retina 13. Windows battery efficiency, constant windows updates and the way manufacturer's load up useless software is a big deal breaker for me. I also have Ubuntu 13.10 in my laptop, but I never use the brightness controls are broken for my laptop.
  12. Try to join whatever discussion happens in your TOK class even if you don't get it. Worked for me like a charm.
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