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  1. I missed a 6 from Maths SL by 1 point, the same with Physics. I need a 6 for my uni, still, should I issue?
  2. Hi there, This may seem as an awfully stupid question for some, but for me it's the thing that's been bugging me for the past few weeks. I am an EU student and I applied to one Scottish university. I've been doing some research on accommodation and I found living on my own will be less expensive than applying for a student accommodation through the uni, as the costs are higher despite the living conditions being rather lower. The problem is, I have no idea how to rent a flat or a room, while still living abroad - I know it is done by many students, mostly because of the same reasons that I'm
  3. @joh1224 How do you know? What was the reason?
  4. Binomial expansion? I thought it was easy, but perhaps only because I did an almost identical exercise the night before. I also think I had too little time, so at the very end I had like 5 minutes for the probability question and I was writing like crazy - if I made some errors I hope I'll still get the points for method.
  5. I haven't done four actual HLs, but I had seven subjects - three HLs and four SLs. Two of my SLs were joint (we only had two people in Spanish B group and four in Physics), so I ended up doing many more hours than the rest of my year. If I was to approximate, I would say that the usual for me was 43 hours a week (including two free periods) + let's say about 10 hours a week for CAS (I spent a lot of time on Creativity, sometimes even 6hrs a week), and now I finish the IB and with my knowledge and experience I can tell you that it's awfully easy to manage if you have clear goals - of course it
  6. 23rd, Spanish B. I'll probably do nothing, maybe some party, but not really, I've got some arts classes the next day so I want to keep a clear mind, if you know what I mean. And the week later I'm going to work, so I can save some money and not rely on my parents that much when it comes to uni living costs
  7. As the title states, does anyone happen to know what were the grade boundaries for internal assessment last year?
  8. I'm taking Spanish B SL and I've been studying this language for three years only. I find the past papers very easy, I also scored very well on my mock exams, however I wanted to express my... disappointment, maybe? I mean, for a non-native speaker it is of course difficult to score a full 100%, but the grade boundaries for Spanish B SL were rather high last year, what means that it'll be sufficient enough for me to lose a few points out of Paper 1 to score only a 6 overall. Our teacher told us that the reason for that is the fact that in the United States there are many people who are fluent
  9. Hi there! I'm solving past maths papers and I'm stuck on the question 10 from M10/5/MATME/SP2/ENG/TZ1. The question I'm having trouble with is (b)(i) I see that the solution says the answer is z = -1.64, but I have completely no idea where did it come from, so please if anyone would explain it to me, I would be really grateful. Note that the standard deviation is not given - the next question is about finding it having known the standardized value.
  10. An afro wig. What's the last track/song you've listened to?
  11. I did my EE on Computer Science too, but it was about the audio compression, however I had a similar problem with my CS teacher - I still don't think he understood anything I've written, so I could rely on myself only. Yet, I can tell you that you shouldn't include the whole code in the essay itself, only the parts that are crucial and to which you are referring in the text. You should put the whole code in the appendix though.
  12. Thanks for the reply, twilight. I talked with my teacher today and she basically didn't agree for submitting both tasks on literary works. Seems I will have to send the one from the part 1, such a shame.
  13. Hi there everyone; I'm sorry if you'll see this as a stupid question, but right now I am choosing the written tasks that are to be submitted. The problem is, I think the best ones are the WT2 for part 4 of the course, and the WT1 for part 3, so they both concern the literary works and I've heard that in such situation my tasks are more likely to get a lower grade. Is it true, and still, if I think that these are the best ones (and I love them personally, which is a great success as in most cases I hate everything I'm writing for school), should I risk it? best regards
  14. Sorry if I misunderstood your intention, but how about Forrest Gump? I always deemed it as a fantastic cross-section of an American culture.
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