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  1. Oh alright makes sense. Thanks! I'm just curious because I want at least a 5 and I think I did pretty well on Paper 1, ok on Paper 2, and pretty well on Paper 3. It's suppose to be hard so I'm not sure if what I considered "hard" and/or "easy" is accurate.
  2. My teacher said that 44% on the exam is passing (4), so now I'm wondering what the relative percentage that corresponds with a 5,6, and 7.
  3. Thanks! Yeah, I've asked some other people and they have said the same thing. Just making sure and good luck on your exams!
  4. Ok so the Chem SL exam is in 3 days and I'm just wondering whether or not the extension boxes are important to memorize and remember?
  5. Nle349

    MS Points

    Thanks emantse and everybody else. Gladly my teacher seems to hint at not deducting the point
  6. Hayden, I agree. That's the answer that I think is right too and I justified it the same way. As for the actual answer, I'll know by Monday lol. It was a test question we just had on a chap test, and everybody in my class got different answers so I thought I'd try to reconcile the problem by asking it on here. Thanks guys!
  7. There are two beakers. Beaker A has 100cm^3 of 1.0 M of HCL acid in it and Beaker B has 200cm^3 of 0.5 M of HCL acid in it. Both beakers have the same amount of magnesium put into them. Will the maximum temperature of A be higher than B? Are the maximum temperatures of A and B equal? Will the rate of increasing temperature be the same for A and B?
  8. Nle349

    MS Points

    Yeah I mean you're not suppose to pick up a bottle by the cap, so if anything we all have out own faults in the situation. Well I talked to him and it seems like he is edging away from deducting points from any of us. He said that none of us meant any harm, that it's too hard to support any claim (no concrete evidence), and that we're all responsible and hardworking students so.... Wish me luck guys. I really don't wanna lose a point for something like this (
  9. Nle349

    MS Points

    Okay here's the deal. Yesterday my lab partners and I did a neutralization reaction lab and apparently one the HCL acid bottle we used had a cap that was not screwed on (it was just sitting on top of the bottle), so when my teacher came to collect all of the bottles from all of the lab stations at the end of the day he picked up our HCL bottle and ended up spilling it all over the lab station and floor (he picked the bottle up with the cap so that's how it all spilled). However, none of my lab partners including myself knows who is responsible since we all remember screwing on the caps for eve
  10. Nle349

    MS Points

    Thanks for all the replies so far and my teacher said that he'd mark off on MS points if we, for example, left a cap not screwed tightly on a HCL acid bottle. He said that there are 6 MS points in general and that they apply to Labs, IA's, etc. (Basically, experimental work in general.) Another question, will losing one point from the MS category in general be very significant? This may be a silly question but I just started my first year in the IB Program (I am a junior now so before I was in the Pre-IB program).
  11. Nle349

    MS Points

    Can one's MS points be deducted during a general class lab or do MS points only apply to the IA's?
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