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  1. Hi, I'm in the same situation as you and decided to take Chemistry HL instead after my teacher convinced me to take it.....I am taking Physics, Chem and Math HL so do you think it's going to be suicide??
  2. Thanks for the answers, is it true that you really need HL Math to do HL Economics? i am not planning to take business or economics as a major in university and therefore just looking for an easy grade. Which one do you think is easier?
  3. I haven't done act or sat yet but i am planning to do it really soon. Do i still have a chance with math sl in these universities?
  4. Hi, Does anyone know whether Purdue university accept SL Math for engineering? it states in their website that exams can either be taken at SL or HL but credits are normally awarded to HL although there may be an exception....does anyone know other unis that accept SL Math for engineering in the U.S.?
  5. Thank you all for the opinions and i think i agree to give Math HL a shot and if it becomes unbearable i'd drop it and take HL Chem instead.
  6. Thank you so much! I am planning to enter Ohio State University as well as texas a&m.. do you have any ideas about the IB requirements for these unis in mechanical engineering?
  7. Hi, I am planning to take Mechanical or Aeronautical engineering in the US...however i only took SL math and these are the universities i'm planning to apply. What are the chances of me getting into these unis with the following subjects? SL Math-6 Spanish AB-5 English SL-5 Physics HL-6 Chemistry HL-5 Business HL-6 Texas a&m Ohio State University Georgia Tech Purdue University Wisconsin University of Texas
  8. Thank you for the response Emmi, i just want to ask since you are from or live in the US. Which university did you apply to? and does it work if i take HL Chem instead of HL Math. The problem is that students are getting low grades in HL Math in my school, however i think i should give it a shot.
  9. I am positively sure i will be keeping my Physics HL so there's no question asked about that...however i'm still confused on math sl or hl
  10. Thak you so much for your previous responses, however do you know any universities in the US that accepts math sl? what if my course doesnt get counted for credit? does it mean i'm not eligible to apply for the uni?
  11. Yes indeed MCGill is in canada...however it states that at least a 5 in physics and mathematics at higher level or standard level....
  12. Hi, I have taken my courses this year with HL Physics, HL Chemistry and HL Economics. While my SL is math, english and spanish. I didn't know about the diploma and made the wrong mistake of taking SL math. I want to take aerospace, mechanical or chemical engineering...However after reading through discussions and articles, math HL is a very challenging course. Does anyone know the IB requirements for universities such as Texas a&m, MCGill or Georgia tech? is is possible to get into these unis with SL Math? My only unis options are in the U.S and not in the UK as i know that they would requ
  13. To be honest, it depends on the subjects you are going to take. Some subjects such as sciences and math are considered to be much tougher in the diploma and it would be best if you stick to 3HLs. Most universities would accept 3HLs as long as it is considered to be "challenging". 43 points is very difficult to achieve and it is a very outstanding result if you are able to get it
  14. Hi, I am planning to take HL economics next year in high level, however it is only available as an online course. Does anyone have any experience about taking economics and economics online using pamoja? Or should i choose business instead of economics?
  15. I am currently in an IB school and at grade 10 MYP...getting 6s in both of them
  16. Hi guys, so i'm planning to take both of them together at high levels and thinking of taking geo or business as the 3rd high levels. Which one do you think is harder? Physics or Chemistry? My aim is to get a 6 in physics and a 5 in chemistry....
  17. Thank you guys for the answers! I personally agree with you that HL math seems more difficult compared to the A Levels counterparts. However, if i'm planning to apply to US colleges, do they recognise the a levels? My main options are probably texas a&m, mcgill in canada or Carnegie Mellon. It also doesnt say the subjects needed for engineering...(I know most unis need HL math and physics or chemistry). Do you think it's possible to take SL math? Because in my school people are getting 4s and 5s at HL Math....
  18. Hi, so i was wondering whether HL math is significantly harder than a levels math? As some people say that the a levels math are somewhat similar to the SL math in IB. If so why do they get considered the same as HL math? I'm planning to take engineering courses so i may have to take HL Math. However it is not my strongest point and therefore thinking of moving into a levels. Thanks!
  19. Is it possible to take SL math and maybe an additional course?
  20. Yes i know that every engineering needs HL math, however students who takes HL physics can deal with the math just fine with SL. And i'm planning to enter a community college first...
  21. Hi, So i'm still in grade 10 and in 3 weeks time about to choose my options. I'm planning to take either aeronautical engineering, mechanical or mechatronics. However, I'm still confused whether I should take HL math. I'm definitely taking HL physics and maybe HL chemistry, if possible. Math is not my strongest subject which is why I'm highly doubting it. Although physics need math, i'm sure i can still manage it with SL math. I'm getting 6s in both Physics and Math...and i'm planning to enter a community college in the U.S before entering a univ. Thanks!
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