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  1. Well...I just hope it's not a big problem then. I think I got the theme right (by looking at ppl's discussion here) and I did say "privacy" so I hope I'll just get awarded points for that! haha, good luck with your other exams!
  2. Hi people! I also did C and D. Found it pretty interesting btw lol I'm just worried about my content though cause I thought the author of the lyrics was a guy... yeah I know, it's a women. arghh do you think my mark for criterion a would go down? thanks oh lang and lit hl btw
  3. Hi everyone I'm wondering whether I should drop by Biology HL to a SL (yeah even though half of Semester 2 has gone by...) I currently have 4 HLs and I thought that if I drop my Bio to a SL, I can get a better score. However I've got some issues regarding this... These are my subject I have now: English HL Psychology HL Biology HL Japanese B HL Math SL Chemistry SL As you can see I take double science (Bio and Chem) and I thought that it would be kind of weird if I have double SL science. All of my double-science classmates has at least a HL in one of the sciences they take. In addi
  4. Thanks everyone! I changed my subject to Japanese B I think I made the right choice; the class is more productive now, anyway. Thanks again for everyone who had helped me make my decision! Hoping to get a 7 in this class...haha
  5. Hi, there I'm currently in Grade 11 and it's my first year in DP. I have a question regarding whether I should drop one of my classes, or continue taking it and earning a lower point. I've thought about it myself, but it would be great if you can just spare a little of your time in helping me make my decision. Currently I take: *English A Lang&Lit HL *Japanese A SL *Psychology HL *Biology HL *Math SL *Chemistry SL (for group 6) I've just got my semester test results back, and I scored a 3 on my Japanese (we had to write a commentary, but it seems my interpretation of the text was d
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