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  1. Hi! I was wondering if it was acceptable to analyse a novella for my Extended Essay in English A Literature. Are novellas too short to analyse well? Does the IB have any requirements for the length of the text to be studied? Thanks for all the help, in advance!
  2. The Paer 3 is one of the easiest IB exams. You don't need to sweat it. Sometimes, I think Paper 3 is what makes Eco HL easier than Eco SL
  3. try http://ibeconomist.blogspot.com for articles.
  4. The main flaw in communism is that everyone would refuse to be equal. I'd always want to be better in life and I'd always want a little more luxury. It's not fair that the people who work harder end up in the same position as a poor or lazy worker.
  5. I think everyone should have access to file downloads. Not only the VIPs. If IBSurvival is dependent on the money from VIP subscriptions, they can get a few more ads.
  6. When I procrastinate on one assignment it's only so that I can complete another. That's the IB!
  7. Hi, Is it neccessary to have more than one graph for the economics IA? Every sample IA online that I've seen has at least two graphs. This isn't explicity mentioned in any IB document. What should I do? Thanks in advance.
  8. While I've definitely enjoyed many great works, what truly got me motivated to read more was The Famous Five series by Enid Blyton.
  9. Doing what you like is important, but grades must be given importance too. I recommend Chem SL because it is one of the easiest subject's of the IB. I take Chem SL and get sixes and sevens even though I didn't study chemistry after the eighth grade. However, if you really really really hate chem, then there's no point even considering to take it. You can get an easy seven from B&M, ITGS and ESS but I wouldn't recommend these because some universities don't give credits for such courses and they are really boring. I hope that I was of some help.
  10. if you're looking for the assessment criteria, I've attached it here. assessment criteria.pdf
  11. Hi, I was thinking of doing my EE in English A Lit. The book that I've chosen to analyse is 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland'. Is this book too childish, easy or simple? Can I get penalized for not doing a more "mature" book? Thanks.
  12. Try this blog for inspiration: http://ibeconomist.blogspot.in/
  13. Hi, I take French B SL and was wondering what textbook(s) or resource(s) is/are the best for improving my grade point. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
  14. Technically, you don't have to remember it if you can understand its logic and figure it out at any time. (It's related to geometric sequences) Direct questions about compound interest don't come that often, but they do come so this concept is important. I recommend learning the formula as it is not very complicated and it can save you some time during the exam as you won't have to waste time figuring it out.
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