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  1. Well I was referencing the dilemma some students would have, stop revision as it is or screw sleep and continue going through the textbook, the article is suggesting the former. Obviously what can be described as the elephant in the room is opening and digging through your textbook:D , thats the first step During the lead up to my exams I went 30 hours without sleep just going through English quotes over and over again, I woke up the next day having forgotten all of it, we can't really [or maybe we can!] control whether or not our brain chooses to remember the taste of your breakfast porridg
  2. Hi All, I have just done two history past papers essay questions and have just typed it all up now [paper 2]. I was wondering if anyone was willing to mark it? Of course, it would be best if someone whom had finished IB history to mark it, but I would appreciate it if anyone would be willing and able to do so. All I'm looking for is a mark out of 20, I wouldn't ask for feedback Thanks,
  3. Hi all, I am given the option to use the laptop (have mild adhd) - and indeed for many subjects have been taking notes on it for many subjects. So writing and using the laptop are both my normal working conditions but I need to make my final choice now. I was wondering if I should use it? Would it actually be beneficials in the exams? What are your guys thoughts? It would be for history and english paper 1 + 2's.
  4. hmmm, how exactly would you expand your KI?
  5. Hi All, I am wondering if anyone would very kindly be able to look over my written task one or two. I'm not necessarily good at grammar (English is a second language) and so I wouldn't be able to detect it if I did a mistake. I think it would be interesting to read - the first one is an editorial and the second an essay on the representation of women in the things they carried (war novel). Appreciate it! William
  6. I recently received my mock exam back and have gotten a 2. Although I feel that I shouldn't be doing B in the first place as many of my peers with the same amount of language experience as I in other schools have been put into abinitio, I can't help but fear afraid for the actual exams. Mandarin is quite a hard language to master, and even with intense work from now on its a bit too late as the exams are approaching. Thoughts?
  7. Hi, Similar question - is changing course within history (not the subject itself) possible? I was, well in my point of view any (disputed with my teacher), incorrectly registered to the wrong course and therefore will receive a different Paper 1. Thanks.
  8. Hi flinquinnster, Thanks for the detailed response. It gives me some relief knowing that the possibility exists however it might be different or rather more difficult to change registration as it's the changing of course within a specific subject rather than the subject itself. Nonetheless, I spoke with both my teacher and IBO coordinator none of whom did not show much sympathy and seemed rather very strict about it, maybe it's because they do not want to go through the hassle of speaking with the IBO but I'm not too sure why. I understand that you aren't an expert but what can I do about it?
  9. Hi All, I found out I was registered last year for Peacekeeping-peacemaking by my school to the IBO instead of Arab-Israeli conflict (paper 1). This completely goes against what we 'agreed' upon last year and I always thought the option for Arab-Israeli was open. I really cannot do Peacekeeping as I was totally prepared and been practicing for the Israeli-Arab conflict and am now panicking. My teacher said "there is no way you can do the Arab-Israeli conflict now as you were registered as peacekeeping to the IB". He said also said that because of that only peacekeeping/peacemaking papers wil
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