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  1. Just graduated from uni, and I miss it already. Adulting is hard, you go into it blind, and have to make your own milestones. School does all that for you Think I'm becoming a boomer! Still watch anime and dramas on my days off work. Browse memes and play genshin. Tis the life
  2. We watched this in TOK class. Had a discussion on the good ol' "is math invented or discovered". Super late reply, but hope you found a cool topic!
  3. You will connect with other IB students who feel the same. In my IB grad class around half of the students played league and they would play together. They even made a fundraising tournament and count it towards CAS. I gotta be honest in that I didn't hang out with people outside of school, but IB isn't gonna be your entire life. It's a phase and it will end.
  4. 1. In my classes, we would do reviews after we finished all the material, so there was a week of time where we just did past exam papers. If you mean studying on my own, I started intensive studying in April. 2. I was in the same position as you. My coordinator told me in mid IB year 2 that I was going to fail and that I should seriously consider dropping those courses (DP -> certificate). It was disheartening. If anyone could give me courage, it was the coordinator. However, there were a few things that I considered in my decision not to drop. With applicants of similar standi
  5. m8 i feel, here's mine https://myanimelist.net/profile/jigokunoarisu
  6. What English course is this? English Literature? English Language and Literature? Either way, I'm not sure how your topic has any ties with literature. Perhaps you should add whatever you're doing with literature into your research question. E.g. How do... as seen in [literature] by [author]?
  7. Hi op, I suggest waiting until the last minute of your deadline for Carleton. You can ask call Waterloo and tell them about your situation. See if they can prioritize reading your application. If not, then accept the offer. The worst thing that can happen is just pay a small fee to withdraw your acceptance if Waterloo does accept you. The timings of universities is pretty bad, I totally feel you. Hope you get into Waterloo!
  8. The school gets the transcripts and mails them to students. My transcript was mailed to my house in around December 2015.
  9. Hi OP, it is not impossible. Don't forget that both UT and UBC have other campuses too, and those campus' admission standards are much lower. You can transfer campuses easily if you do ok in first year, so it's not big of a problem. The smaller campuses also accept applications until a later date. I know someone who actually was not accepted to early admissions in the US (when you do early admissions you can't apply to any other schools) so by the time he knew he was not accepted, most application deadlines have already passed. He applied to one of the smaller campuses and got in immediately.
  10. Haha I did, but yes. NP wants to get their driver license on their birthday.
  11. Hot because 4 HLs. GG man courage to you.
  12. Johnny Depp laughs and said, "too naive" as he takes off his wig.
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