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  1. I was thinking about comparing the style of two authors but i dont know if i can. I really really reaally wanna do something about Hans Christian Anderson's Fairytales but i dont know if that is okay because theyre short stories I really need help with this I dont have a topic and im running out of time
  2. Please please please answer and share it, it wont take a few minutes and I really need this (I lost all my surveys and Im redoing it) http://kwiksurveys.com/s.asp?sid=bcet2afkliltvws359505
  3. If you could also share it with others it would be great!
  4. It wont take a minute and it'll mean alot to me Thank you! https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/K9XBB8P
  5. But the experient isnt based on core material? Is it still okay?
  6. i found an amazing experiment i really want to do but it goes under an SL option. Can I still do it even though im taking bio HL?
  7. I need help with book suggestions. I want to write about something original and a book that isnt very often used in extended essays. So far im stuck between Little Women, Pride and Prejudice, and Alice in Wonderland I was also thinking maybe something with poetry. I also maybe kinda wanna focus on romanticism or gothic type novel themes Im super stuck and would love some advice on this
  8. Im trying to decide what to do my ee on but im stuck between English or Bio. I really like both subjects equally but I dont have any seriously specactular ideas for either but i really need to decide the subject first. I need advice and some ideas What's better to do?
  9. Im not very interested in economics. I originally took economics because i though id be doing real-estate law but now ive realized that id never ever want to do that. Im worried that catching up with history will take all my energy and attention from my HLs and at the same time im worried that ill suffer through economics and trying to do better in economics will take away from my hls
  10. I have to decide by tomorrow whether or not to switch to history from economics. Im currently in my second term of IB1 and my economics grades arent that great. Im around a 67-70 average in economics Im thinking about either studying law or life/health science in university. I dont know if i should just try harder in economics or start from scratch in history Please help
  11. Im thinking about either nutrition, nursing, pharmacy or law
  12. Im struggling with math SL but i dont know if i should switch to math studies Everyone is telling me you'll regret it in university but im really doing awful in math SL i did extremely bad my first term of IB and im really scared im gonna get kicked out of ib because of this I really need advice
  13. NS97

    Candy crush?

    omg how are you on level 213, im stuck on level 91
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