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  1. Hello everyone , I would like to do EE in chemistry and my topic is about different percentage of sodium disulphite in different brands of soap powder will give the best bleaching agent . Would u mind to give ur opinions about my EE?
  2. i absolutely dislike TOK at first . and now i'm in the second half and falling in love with TOK as i find it's really great . It leads us to be a critical thinker . btw im not saying its an easy subject
  3. Hey everyone , can u help me out ? what are best ways to improve our speaking in English ? no stuttering when talking ? build up confidence? i'll be going to do my IOP for English on this upcoming Monday , really need ur help , thanks
  4. Actually my previous topic is i would like to compare the percentage of sodium nitrite acid in different kind of meats ( frozen meat , sizzle meat , etc ) . She rejected my topic due to my unclear clarification in methods cause there may have some other factors affect the meats , so the actual rsult is less reliable . I want some ideas in chemistry foods . I hope u guys can help me Im not asking for the perfect one .
  5. Hello guys I am a lil bit sad bcoz my previous research question is not accepted by her She said i need to find another topics but still in chemistry Im working on it , do u guys have any ideas which u could possibly share with me ? I dont have any ideas for now Ur helps are really appreciated !
  6. Hey everyone My friends is having this prob . Im totally sympathy with her. But with other helps may probably lighten her problem . Would u mind to share any of ur opinions ? For example : ur classmates look down on u cause of ur lowest marks in class for overall subjects . U lose ur confidence to speak up in class and give opinions , u turn to be a taciturn student , u cant do presentation well in class due to all causes . U cant even focus in class and end up stuttering too muchh when speaking in front of people even ur own friends . All of those negative attitude is too different with the
  7. Ohhh , it can be taken into account . Thanks btw Maybe i don't make an explanation clearly about my topic , Actually were gonna make it in different way We will be a tourism agency , and our classmates are possibly tourists who will further studying in Britain . So we will tell them do's and dont's which is assumed as taboos . We have decided to take some significant aspects . And we're still thinking it . Maybe some of u can give me ideas ?
  8. Ohh i see , thanks btw it helps me . But there are some aspect we gonna talk about in UK . The aspects we have discussed are possibly weather , social , food. But im not sure is there any taboos about weather in UK ? Do u have any suggestions ?
  9. Hello everyone i have a problem on my chem EE I have submitted my ee to my tc who i wish to be my supervisor I didnt get any approval yet , but she said my idea is great and interesting to be discover and it still not be explained in details My idea is probably i want to to find the percentage or amount of sodium nitrite in diff brands of meats and comparing them to find the most suitable to be used in curing method Sodium is harm to our body , which increases our blood pressure . And it is definitely one of my reasons to discover bout this thus giving benefits to people . Btw the highest amo
  10. Hey everyone , Would u mind to share about taboos and whats socially acceptable in UK ? Maybe some of ure from UK or who have any ideas and knowldge bout it ? Coz we're gonna do this topic for our presentation . Maybe ur ideas are better about it ?
  11. Oh , thanks . I think it helps to improve my english but does speaking it out is better than listening to them ? Which is better ?
  12. Hey there Firstly, IB is meant to be tough. The trickiness is not in the content of workload or anything - it's time management. Manage your time well, and you'll find the IB gets magically easier. Really. Once you've got a process for doing your work, it'll be pretty shocking how easily you're bagging marks for your final grade. EE and ToK are new to almost everyone! However, lots of IB students make it out to be much bigger/harder/tougher than it actually is. We tend to do this for everything IB is (in)famous for: Math HL: "HARDEST PRE UNIVERSITY MATH COURSE" CAS: 14500 HOURS OF SERVICE, A
  13. Thanks for ur tips Yah im still in the early stages of my EE , But i've chosen chemistry and now im waiting for the approval by my supervisor Yah i've already made a decision to choose malay at first but it wasn't approved by my tc due to course which i'll be taking A lot of my friends did the same prob
  14. Ohh i hope it really works on me . Thanks for ur tips and advices . Have u taken ur real exam ? Whats ur overall grades ?
  15. Hello can u help me I have an idea to determine the amount of sodium nitrite in meats And i find out some methods and concepts which are not clearly understood by me or i haven't learned about this before. Eg : colorimetric analysis In order to to this topic , i need to read everything thoroughly and understand every words of it. Could u guys help me ? Give ur opinion ?
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