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  1. Doesn't chi square test allow only two qualitative variables? @kw057 What do you mean?
  2. I have an introduction & data , but I'm so confuse on what we actually need . I don't know how to move forward . I will be looking at states that legalized marijuana and comparing the before & after crime rates. And possibly indicating if their is a relationship between them. I was thinking of using correlation coefficient, but then again my knowledge on that is very vague. Can someone please how me ? Is there another way to indicate a relationship between two variables? Thank you.
  3. have you heard of cognitive narratology? I'm trying my best to write a thesis statement like my teacher wants, but I'm confusing myself... Hopefully I get it down! Thank you! (:
  4. Thank you so much for that idea, but I'm actually going to do my IOP on Voice/Silence and how she finds her identity? Sorry, I messed the American thing w/ it by mistake. You know? Narrative... (same book) have u read it before?
  5. I'm in desperate help on my IOP! I'm focusing on The Woman Warrior. But I have now clue what to focus on? I'm debating between Ghosts and Growing up as American-Chinese! Since I'm a person who likes to plan ahead, I'm thinking which one is best for a creative presentation! HELP.
  6. I'm doing my IOP on The Woman Warrior. Totally stuck. Was thinking of just talking about growing up as American-Chinese, but I'm not sure what to do... I really want something creative! Please help!?
  7. By topic sentences/ backup are ; they have no active choice in marriage, they want a whole quest for wholeness, & they symbolize pawns. I need help w/ the creative part. (: thank you btw
  8. Yes. I finished my essay & everything.. I just can't put it all together for the creative part. any ideas? Mu teacher wants us to be really creative.
  9. I need help, major. Thesis : Shelley uses passive women to serve as a refection in a flawe culture. Book - FRANKENSTEIN by Mary Shelley! I don't know what to hook the conversation' & creative part! Thank you!
  10. HELP ME PLEASE! Stressing out' IOP IS DUE NEXT THURSDAY! I need some very good creative ideas' My teacher wants it to be fun! I'm doing it on the passive women in FRANKENSTEIN. Thesis: How tthey serve as a refection in a flawed culture' HELP!
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