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  1. Hi! Here's an overview of my math studies IA, My question is "Do the heights of high school students follow a normal distribution?" I gathered the heights of about 90 students, grouped them together in a frequency table then I will draw a histogram, calculate the percentages of the standard deviations and compare them to those of a normal distribution. Finally, I will also use a chi-squared test to see if my data satisfies a normal distribution. Would that be enough? Are there any OTHER mathematical statistical tools I could use in my IA? Or any way I can incorporate a graph into this?
  2. My exams are in May and my arabic teacher told us we need to type it now since there has been problems with figuring out students' handwriting in the past.
  3. Hey guys, Originally the written task for language ab initio had to be supervised by a teacher and HAND-WRITTEN. However, just very recently I heard that it has been changed and now we have to type it? Is this true? Responds are very much appreciated! Thankssss
  4. You should familiarize yourself with all the literary devices, know how to identify them in a text and how to give examples of them. Also think about how they may be used by the author to create an effect on the reader. I would advise you to make flashcards (I have like a 100+ lit. terms flashcards) of the literary terms on one side and a definition and an example on the other. Maybe quiz yourself whenever you get the chance to. I think this would be helpful
  5. I wasn't sure how I was going to be assessed on design so I thought if I used an obvious choice like temperature for this experiment, I might not score well on a design lab? But I don't know, how original does it really have to be? Okay, so I will definitely be incorporating temperature into this lab, but do you have any suggestions on how I could make it a bit more original? Perhaps use different types of dairy products and see how lactase works differently in terms of the time it takes to breakdown (as well as changing the temperature). Or do you think that'd be trying to over-complicate it,
  6. Hey guys, About the TOK essay, I have chosen title #4 for the may 2014 exams. This may sound like a silly question, but I just need a clarification.. so if this is the question “That which is accepted as knowledge today is sometimes discarded tomorrow.” Do I still need to come up with a seperate knowledge issue? Like wouldn't my knowledge issue just be restating the question? Or do I need to incorporate my aoks/woks into the KI too? Thanks!
  7. Hey guys, As stated in the topic title, our school is having trouble finding a proper biology teacher, let alone one that is IB certified. I just have a few questions if this lab would be eligible or if it seems "good enough" to score well for Bio HL. I am hoping to send this in for the "design" criteria.. Basically, I want to set up an experiment to compare the breakdown of lactose using lactaid pills (or other similar pills) for skim milk vs. whole milk. My hypothesis is that it would take a bit longer to breakdown lactose in skim milk because there's more of it (lower the fat content, h
  8. Perhaps an op ed? Like an opinion column somewhere.. Just a thought
  9. Hey guys I have a few questions regarding the biology internal assessments, since our teacher is new to the IB, he isn't sure of what's going on either... 1) To my understanding, we have to send in at least two labs, and we can kind of choose which criteria to be assessed on? Does this mean we only have to send that part of the lab report or do we still have to send the whole thing? (i.e. I choose to be evaluated on DCP for this lab, so do I send in the whole lab or just the DCP part?) 2) Is there a lot of difference between assessing bio hl vs. bio sl labs? I'm doing hl and I'm afraid my l
  10. Thank you! I went with a small restaurant business, formed a RQ and I think its going well!
  11. I haven't started on my internal assesment for bm yet and I would like to do it on a hotel. In bangkok right now, with the political situation, I think it may be interesting to look at how this has affected the tourism industry and the hotel and come up with a solution for it... I really need ideas for a research question, or just what aspect of the BM course to focus on.. or something. I am panicking and so stuck right nowww. Help is truly appreciated! Thank you so much!
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