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  1. do you know the size of the sample [n] where these values came from?
  2. I have economics SL and I didn't do a commentary on development economics (only in micro, macro and international). however, in class we did some paper 2's and in questions of the form "using a proper diagram, explain...." we used the poverty cucle, so I guess it counts as a diagram for IA, too. I hope I was helpful
  3. I am taking it now and it is really not THAT difficult. It certainly needs a lot of studying but a 7 is not impossible, like in maths HL. If you pay attention in class and find a way to organize well your studying at home, it is very manageable. Just don't have your extended essay in chemistry. It's really a pain in the ass! I hope I was helpful
  4. Like Arrowhead said, a CAS project usually has two of the C, A or S. The biggest project I did for CAS was to team up with Habitat for Humanity and built a house for an elderly Pastor and his wife, in Kota Kinabalu (Malaysia). It counted for action and service, and took care of the 150 hour "requirement" all by itself That's something you could possibly look into! Thanks guys, great ideas!
  5. Moraitis School, Greece, May 2014!!
  6. Hello all! I have to finish my CAS and I need to do a CAS project. This project must involve creativity and also service (usually raising money for an organisation that helps people). It must also be done by a group of people. The other students at my school usually cook cakes, biscuits etc, raising money for such an organisation. I could do that but I would like to do something more original. So, if one of you has an idea, it would be really appreciated if they replied to this topic. Any help appreciated! Thanks a lot!
  7. thanks man, it would be very helpful!
  8. i agree with the fellow Greek student. i'm also from Greece and have applied for chemical engineering. i have chemistry, maths and modern greek A HL and the uni of Manchester that offered me a position requested a 6 in chem and math, which are the basic subjects for chem eng and an overall 18 at the HL subjects, so if you have two other HL subjects that are the basic ones for what you want to study and you're good in Hungarian A, it's quite a good idea to take it at HL, so offers like that can be made. in any case check the requirements of some universities for the subject you want to study to
  9. Hello all, I have to do a design lab on chemistry with dependent variable the strength of an acid. can you help me find a independent one and, if you can, some controlled variables? Any help appreciated! Thanks a lot!
  10. EE is sent as a printed copy, while TOK esay is uploaded to turnitin.com and ibo I hope I was helpful
  11. for a design lab, your job is to come up with a research question, usually of the form "how does Y depend on X?" e.g. "how does the displacement of a spring from its natural length depend on the mass hung from it?". the independent variable of the problem (the one you're going to manipulate) is X (the mass hung from the spring) and the dependent (the one you're going to measure) is Y (the displacement from the natural length). you must also identify the controlled variables of the problem (the ones that must be kept constant) and come up with a way to keep them constant. you should also say ho
  12. so, if i understand correctly, you have 2.00g of Na(s). so, the moles are: n=m/Mr=2.00/22.99=0.087mol. so, in order for the Na(s) to react fully, you need 2*0.087=0.174 mol of water. this would produce 0.174mol=6.96g of NaOH and 0.087mol=0.176 of H2. to calculate XS, you must have a quantity for both reactants, otherwise there is no way. for the other question, i think adding some chlorine would work fine hope i was helpful
  13. In Greece there is actually a "computer science" subject, so the obvious choice would be that. In your case, I think that the choice you have made is quite good. since the universities do not require b&m, you can choose geography as well, if you think that you're going to get a better grade, but I think that there is closer relations between what you want to follow in the future with b&m.economics is good good luck with maths & physics HL!
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