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  1. Hi I'm definitely planning on retaking 2 subjects next May. However, I wanted to ask whether a retake is useful? Is there someone that experienced a great difference of grades at the retakes? Thank you for your help
  2. I would think about it.. I was 1 mark away from getting a 6 and I remarked them. Didn't change anything. But there is a small possibility that something might be different in your case.
  3. Hi I was going through some past papers in Math SL, but I couldn't find the markschemes to Math SL May 2013 TZ2. I had access to them a couple of weeks ago, however I can't find them now. Did anyone else find it? (I tried entering the code, but it doesn't work.) Any help is appreciated!
  4. I did my EE in psychology. The difficulty depends on you, meaning; if you have enough material and information to write your EE, it shouldn't be difficult. I mean you would have to know some vocabulary related to psychology. But I don't think they expect a perfectly well formulated EE in psychology, because you're still kind of in a "learning process." However, it is important that you choose a topic that you are interested in and make sure you find enough information on that.
  5. I was just wondering, if different schools have different IA deadlines. What is the official deadline given by the IB? When do we need to upload/send everything? An answer would be appreciated:)
  6. Our German B Individual Oral starts next week and we finished our interactive oral activity last week.
  7. I think the link is still not working..
  8. Hi! I tried to click on the link but it is not working..
  9. Oh yes! But I've just started and I'm already stuck on level 37
  10. Hi guys! So we are currently trying to finish the Written Tasks, and I'm on Written Task 2 (English A: Language and literature HL). I know that my response must be based on one of the six prescribed questions, but where are they?? Is my teacher supposed to give us the questions or can we just take them straight out of the IB guide for Language A: language and literature? My teacher has been really vague about this one... Thanks for your help already!
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