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  1. Well it depends on the subject but I don't think it is. But that is just me.
  2. Hey is there any way we can get access to our individual paper marks? And our IA's as well?
  3. I am sure many have been in the same situation that you are in! Don't worry. Just keep going and do your best. I am sure you will get through this.
  4. Well, this is fun. Just 2 more hours to go for me. Good Luck to all.
  5. This might seem like a simple question but when do you use the "radian" mode and when do you use "degree" mode on the ti-84 calculator? When I am graphing functions, switching between the modes shows different graphs. Thanks
  6. Do you think any of these questions might be good to do an HI on? 1. To what extent did the Münster Rebellion politically affect the course of Lutheranism in 1536? 2. To what extent was the Peace of Augsburg in 1555 successful in instigating peace between the Lutheran and Catholic states of Germany? 3. To what extent was the emergence of Calvinism successful as an international movement compared to Lutheranism? I just don't want to do something that has been done too much in the past. Just let me know what you guys think. And Please feel free to reword it as my wording may not be the g
  7. To what extent was the emancipation proclamation based war efforts rather than the abolishment of slavery itself? I know this question has been answered many times, I am going to take another look at it a come up with my own conclusion (revisionist history). Any corrections to this question? Suggestions? better wording? Thanks
  8. I know I am a bit behind on my History Extended Essay as my first draft is due in september and I haven't got a definite research question. I was initially considering to research about the Pearl Harbour Conspiracy involving the President but then a lot of people said that too many people have based their essay on WW2 and that I should try something unique. So I chose to research about the American Civil War and so far I have come up with 2 questions. What was the most important effect that the Emancipation Proclamation by Abraham Lincoln had in the Civil War? To what extent did the Dred S
  9. So my topic is understanding the mathematics involved in the rubik's cube. I just think the math I am going to be using is too simple. Im going to explain cube notations using pictures, then my main math part is explaining how many possible arrangements of the rubiks cube there are and how to find that number. This is the equation. I could go into group theory but I feel it might be complicated. What do you guys think? Thanks
  10. So I thought I could do my EE on Pearl Harbor. My EE research question: 1. Did the American federal government know about the pearl harbour attack before it happened? What do you guys think about this question. Is there a way to improve it? Or any other ideas? Thanks
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