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  1. Seeing that total Kinetic Energy of the proton would be KE = eV, doubling e (because it's an alpha particle) would mean that V would be halved. Remember that the kinetic energy would be the same as that of two protons or two electrons, but the velocity would be different since that would take into account the mass....since an alpha particle also has 2 neutrons you would have a different value for velocity, but KE would just be eV. Good luck tomorrow!
  2. Hey everyone. I just wanted to say good luck to everyone who will also be taking the May 2014 exams. Thanks to those who have helped me with the troubles I had with my math exploration. Let's do this thing!
  3. Hi Roxkra, thanks for your reply. I thought that we weren't allowed to do the correlation between x and y though? I thought that was said to be too simple. I noticed how on the website of the IB there are a lot of exploration examples in which students simply prove a theory or formula from some math expert. This link shows you som
  4. Hi! I am having the biggest trouble with this Internal Assessment, simply because I am not creative at all. I have been thinking about topics for the past 3 weeks now, literally spending an hour every day researching topics and I CANT FIND ANYTHING. I desperately need help, my teacher says that he is not allowed to help us with the topic.....I simply do not know what to do anymore. I was thinking about doing it on war an math, regarding projectile motion, but this is apparently too much physics. I can't find anything, please please oh please help me out with this thing because it is driving
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