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  1. I couldn't find any threads focusing on this so figured I'd start a new one... anyway! I'm retaking my final exams in Bio, Chem and Maths in May to max the grades. However, we're not allowed to be in class until January and so I'm in a situation where I need to study a lot by myself which I find really really hard. What I need from you guys is some tips on how to study for the retakes in these subjects. I feel that when I just sit down and read and rewrite etc it's not time efficient enough and I really need to use all the time I've got as well as I possible can. So please, give me a few tip
  2. I'm doing retakes as well. Honestly, it's not a big deal. 1 year more or less will mean nothing when you you finish the retakes with grades you feel happy about.
  3. You'll get as many hours of sleep as you want if you do the things you're supposed to do in time and don't procastinate. I find the saying that IB is soooo hard etc. silly because it isn't very hard in itself, it's all what you make it as everything else in life is!
  4. Thank god, thought I was the only one.. If it's a general trend that everyone had issues with it then they'll probably be lower, I really hope so.
  5. I thought that paper was so hard compared to the others I've trained on. I mean not factually because I knew all of the facts but more the sources and the comparisons of them. I got stuck on question 2 which forced me to stress 3 and 4 so much so I can barely remember what I wrote on 4. I said that America had provided a great help in coming to the peace agreements but together with UN as well. I also mentioned Carter and the whole Camp David thing and then I can't remember what else I said lol.
  6. Of course they will! We're all humans and mistakes here and there are expected, the system is just there to make it easier for the examiners and not to sort out the ones making mistake or not.. Don't worry
  7. It's not hard finding if you search for it yourself. Use this: N11/4/CHEMI/HPM/ENG/TZ0/XX and then change HPM to HP2 for paper 2.
  8. I mentioned pheromones as well and some kind of sensors. What did you say about the other ants knowing where to find food ? communication ? I wasn't sure about that one but I compared how he could do like the honeybees and show with doing some kind of body movement and also leaving some sort of scent along the way. Just 1 point so I'm fine if that one would be wrong but it feels like one is allowed to be kind of vague-ish on those questions!
  9. I did D and E, they're were both so easy, felt great! Both the 6 point questions were quite nice as well! The ones who did E, what did you answer about how the ant found home? I talked about pheromones..
  10. Yes, a lot of people in my class did so about different topics. As long as it's not simply on your everyday life I think it's perfectly fine.
  11. I'm TZ1, although it said TZ2 on the paper... God I really found paper 1 hard, I'm predicted a 7 but I'm quite sure that isn't even near it, it was just so hard. I thought that there were many topics which weren't covered in it also. Paper 2 on the other hand, one of the easier I've seen. I though that in section A there was very little actual factual questions. In section B I took 6 and 7, kinda blacked out on the sickle-cell question otherwise that was quite easy as well. Oh and for the rough ER question, it must have been rough ER?? Not only because of the sourcing (WHY DO THEY DO THAT?) bu
  12. Hopefully someone can help you more with the specific question, but just make sure that you stay away from the ethics of it. To me it sounds like you might go more into the ethics part than the TOK part and that's the main thing we were told not to do in our TOK assignments. Interesting topic though!
  13. I really found the P1 being the easiest I've ever done, out of all the practise paper etc. In the last question I think I took moreover? I remember that only one of them suited due to how the sentence was put up but I can't remember which one... For paper 2 I did the review in a school paper. I loved the section B quote!
  14. In section A it's very clear what kind of texttype to use so if you just follow that you won't have any problems. Section B is up to you to choose what kind of texttype to use so again, no worries as long as it's clear what texttype you're using.
  15. Good luck guys! Thank god for English B a.k.a no studying a.k.a focusing on Bio for friday...
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