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  1. Alright I get it now .. The later minus the first no matter what the sign is .. Thank you
  2. So I always work out the change and take the absolute value of it? That's what I used to do in Q=mc ΔT
  3. Hello everyone, I have been trying to study the gravitational potential energy concept from two sources. One of which described the change in gravitational potenial energy to be: m*(V2 - V1) = m*change in V while the other described it as m*(V1 - V2) = - m*change in V so which one is it? and can the change in gravitational potential energy be negative? Thanks in advance
  4. Math HL and Physics HL are nothing compared to Chemistry HL ... It's the hardest by far
  5. Hi everybody, could any of you please explain why the potential difference across the burned out light bulb is 15 V? I am only struggling with this part of the question. Thanks in advance
  6. Man honestly thank you so much .. I have a physics revision and this was just gonna make me give up haha .. thanks again
  7. Hello everyone, can someone please help me by explaining the attached question. The answer is there, but I don't know how they got it Thankkkks
  8. God bless their soles and grant their parents and beloved ones, the patience through this tragedy. Many of you may generalize from this incident and go on to judge Islam based on what happened. Although those people have done this hideous act in the name of Islam, they do not represent Islam, or by far anything Islam stands for. Those scenes and many others from around the world bring tears to my eyes, because those ignorant people think they are doing themselves and Islam good, when they are in fact doing the opposite of what Islam has taught us. Islam is a religion of peace and compassion. I
  9. Well, (b)(i) is nothing but a composite function, and in composite functions you have to place the second inside the first. So g(x) inside f(x). But what does inside mean? well, basically, you have to insert the whole of g(x) in the place of every "x" variable in the f(x) function. As there is only one "x" in the power of the f(x) function, place the g(x) there. Therefore, f o g (x) = e^(ln(1+2x)). But this function is nothing but: f o g (x) = 1 + 2x That is because if the base of the log in the power, is the same as what is in the base of the power, the log and base cancel out. 10^ log (x)
  10. Hi guys, I wanna apply for mechanical engineering at imperial college. Their website says that they require an overall IB score of 40, does that mean it's out of 42 or out of 45? Another thing is that they said they require chemistry at higher level for mechanical engineering, but when I emailed them, they said they needed physics and maths at higher level, so what is it? I am really confused Thank you in advance
  11. Becoming a police officer has always been Lauren's dream. She wanted to fight crime in the city.
  12. Hello guys, I am going to submit my IA in a short time, but one of my friends has told me something that started to freak me out. I have used 3 different pages from a 200 pages report as three different supporting documents. My friend says that they count as one supporting document as they come from the same source, so is he right? or are they three different ones? Thanks in advance
  13. Hey, thanks for replying. I am not sure if it is an easy topic as I had to prove it from scratch, meaning from the pascal triangle only. Can you quote any book proofs you have encountered please, to see if it is similar to mine? Thanks
  14. Hello everyone, I am not sure about what the math IA can be like, but can it be a proof for an already established formula. For example, I tried to prove the binomial theorem expansion formula from scratch. Is that a possible topic for IA? would I achieve a high grade if I do prove it in a different way than that already established? I would really appreciate it if you guys replied .. I have mixed feelings right now, as I am not sure if I have done something good or bad.
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