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  1. Hi! I received my grades earlier this month and I was considering a retake during the November 2015 session. I live in Sweden and I can travel to any country in Europe where a retake is possible. Does anyone know where I can do a retake in November 2015? Answers are appreciated!
  2. I received my results yesterday and am considering a retake in one or two subjects during the November 2015 session. Can anyone provide some information regarding this procedure: How will I know which IB schools will offer an exam retake during November, when is the deadline for the registration and will I be able to contact those schools during summer before the deadline (which, I think, is around 29th of July?). I am looking for a school in Scandinavia apart from Sweden since I live here and they dont offer this possibility.
  3. I received my results today and am considering a retake in 1 or 2 subjects to raise my grade. I live in Sweden and have some idea that the deadline for the registration is at the end of this month. Can anyone provide some information about the retakes in November in Scandinavia: How can I know which school offers exam retakes? Are they available (for me to contact them) during summer?
  4. Hello! First of all I am doing my Extended Essay in Chemistry and currently I am working with it. The topic is Food Chemistry and the focus is; Antioxidant (Vitamin C) activity in different tomato products (fresh and processed). I am aware that the examiner knows the chemistry of my topic, but to what extent should I explain the background of it? Should I explain for instance the properties of a free radical (relevant but not what I am focusing on). Answers are appreciated!
  5. Hello! My ToK presentation is due next week and I have identified the real-life situation and the knowledge issue: - To what extent is the control and manipulation of knowledge by governments justifiable With this I am aiming to involve both historical and contemporary situations, propaganda and censorship are two possible aspects related to this. I am new to this and thus I have my doubts: Is this knowledge issue a ''real/efficient/suitable'' one and are the aspects I have mentioned relevant enough? If not, how can I improve these? Thank you.
  6. Hello! I have my ToK presentation in exactly a week's time. I have more or less identified the topic and the question I want to deal with (although there are several different topics that I have on my mind). Anyway: - To what extent is internet censorship justified as a mean of protection rather than a measure to reinforce a government's domestic/foreign authority. This is the "topic/knowledge issue" and I have considered different countries and relative events that can be used as the real-life situation: Iran, elections and how twitter became a problem for the government, China, Russia and
  7. Hello! The last couple of weeks we have been working with our subjects/topics and other aspects related to the Extended Essay. I have chosen to do mine in Chemistry and the topic I will be dealing with is antioxidants. I will analyze and compare the antioxidant (Vitamin C) activity in fresh tomatoes, dried tomatoes and processed tomatoes such as ketchup. I am thus wondering, is this topic too broad or too complex to be dealt with? My knowledge with regards to this is limited, but I am concerned that this will be too short.. Is there enough data for me to write an EE from?
  8. Hello! Soon it is time for us to hand in our second draft internal assessment in History. Now I have a question with regards to the marking process: Do the examiner(s) look up the sources (books) that we have used in the investigation? I am asking since I think I made a mistake in the referencing part. I borrowed a book from a library located in another city and it has been returned, thus I am wondering, will i lose marks for a mistake in the referencing? Would appreciate an answer!
  9. I have all 3 sciences. The other groupmembers have physics and biology: We have considered different daily aspects to investigate: some of them are related to dietary and exercise. Others are less "academic" related to something being as simple as the removal of makeup with different types of water. The equipment we can access depend on our research question (my supervisor said that) - that might not explain what equipment a we are capable of using, but I assume it's those in our school.
  10. Hello! We have recently been introduced to the group 4 project. The experiments are to be conducted in two weeks' time. The theme is water. In our group we have considered different aspects related to water, I just need some more suggestions that enable me to decide a research question. All suggestions are appreciated! Thank you.
  11. Hello! By the end of next week we are required to hand in a research question for our Historical Investigation. The topic I have chosen is the Iraq-Iran war / as well as the Iranian revolution. I tried to connect those in my research question and thought about how significant the Iranian revolution was as a cause for the outbreak of the war or the war as whole; I am interested in this topic, my only concern is if this research question is too broad.. What do you think? Suggestions and tips are appreciated!
  12. It sounds rather interesting, although I would like to keep the research question more focused on the actual subject (this is somehow important for me in the future also). Any other suggestions?
  13. Hello! I registered on ibsurvival after several recommendations from my classmates.. Any ways: I am currently studying in Sweden (Ib, DP 1) and today we were introduced to the EE (general overview). I had been thinking about it since before and the choice of the subject is now between Chemistry and Biology. To make this easier for any one who might see this: I am taking HL at both Chemistry and Biology, these are my strongest subjects and I am interested in both (equally). Though to be more specific: I am interested in Human physiology, Medicine and drugs,Neurology, Biochemistry amongst ot
  14. Hello! I am an IB student (certainly) and I recently registered on "ibsurvival" after several recommendations from my classmates. So I am typing this with regards to the historical investigation.. History is one of my HL subjects as well as one of my favorite ones. Our research questions needs to be chosen by the beginning of February, personally, I have decided the topic (not the research question). I have chosen to write my IA about the Iranian revolution 1979. My concern right now is to find suitable sources about the Iranian revolution as well as of course to decide a research question.
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