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  1. But I just dont get it. What if by the end of the exams next year, I get all 7s? :/ Would it be reasonable to judge me by my marks from grade 11?
  2. OHHHH I NEVER NOTICED MY FLAG Im actually from Canada!! ALL my marks this year (for the non IB subjects) are 5s. I've been predicted a 7 for the two IB subjects Im taking this year. Have I ruined my chances to get into Cambridge? I know I can get 7s for all my subjects next year....This year I went through so many things including losing some of my close family members that I wasnt able to concentrate well. I FEEL SO DEPRESSED NOW.
  3. So Im a little bit confused. Can someone please help me out here? So let's say that I want to apply for Cambridge University in UK. And my marks this year are all 5 (only two however, are IB subjects). And next year I get 7s for all my subjects. By November, lets say my predicted marks are all 7s. Does that mean that the marks sent to Cambridge University would be 7? Or do I get sent a 6 (an average from both grades?) Are the predicted marks based on the two years or just grade 12? E.g. chemistry in grade 11 is not an IB subject, but in grade 12 it is... Does Cambridge look at all my grade 11
  4. I don't get it!!! Can someone please message me?
  5. I have to pick a topic to do my presentation on. I have some ideas but I don't know how to form them into knowledge issues. Can someone message me?
  6. I wish to study for my genetics test with another person. PLEASE MESSAGE ME if you'd like to be my studdy buddy
  7. Thanks for letting me know Jamie. And yes, I was only looking for assistance because I honestly CAN'T get started with this essay.
  8. I'm doing realllllyyyyyyyyyyyyy bad in the subject and I know it's not supposed to be hard. Can someone please tutor me?
  9. Is there anyone who can help me write an essay for TOK? I flunked the last one and I don't want to do it again Please message me!
  10. Can someone give me a good general outline for the IA?
  11. I still can't find a good question to use. Message me?
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