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  1. The math itself is probably capped at studies level, so you probably don't have to worry about it being too hard. However, I did know some students who didn't find the calculations intuitive and had to resort to just memorizing them.
  2. Honestly, it's not as difficult as people claim it to be (not that it is necessarily easy). So if you have a genuine will to score highly, your results won't be disappointing. As for CAS, there aren't explicit requirements that you have to meet (although you do have to pass for a diploma). Find activities that you are interested in and can have fun. If they don't exist, make your own. CAS really isn't meant to pull you down in any way, so try to enjoy it.
  3. Maybe you are overcomplicating what you have to do. Unless your reason is "just because," whatever you have to justify your topic works, I justified my topic of water rockets by saying it was because I got to see many tournaments in my elementary school. The criteria, I believe is out of 2 so it really is a matter of whether you've done it or not.
  4. Well my history teacher was just talking to the 12th graders the other day and he mentioned to us that while it is good, that is definitely possible to score a 7 without a historian's view in the essay (and I do find him a very reliable source).
  5. To practice for our actual IA's next year, our teacher assigned us a lab for determining the spring constant 'k'. We have to do it following the actual format and criteria. I used the formula T = 2Ï€ sqrt (m/k) and rearranged it to find k. But when I sat down to write the lab, I got stuck on the research question and the hypothesis / prediction part. Normally the labs I did were focused on finding a relationship between two things but I never wrote a lab on finding a constant. Does anybody know how I would phrase my question and hypothesis / prediction?
  6. If you're going to the US for uni, I wouldn't be so worried. If you're going to the UK, I would go and check on the universities you are aiming for and see the course requirements for the specific major. Also, I am taking econ at the moment and I find it to be really interesting (not the easiest subject though). There is really not different between SL and HL except for the calculations so try considering econ HL.
  7. Do some research. Go to their websites and see what the unis have to offer and you have to see which ones you think you will enjoy. It's impossible to know whether or not you will actually like it, but you should at least have an idea. Harvard no easy. Good Luck!
  8. There are a bunch of people in my school who start with 4 HL's (some with 5) and drop them later in the year. I don't think that there is a huge difference in HL and SL in year 1, so try doing 4 and see which one you want to drop later (it might not even be out of those two).
  9. How will you justify it in your rationale? How does it show your understanding of the topics you discussed in class (through language, register, etc.)? I don't think it will be a sufficient WT1. Then again, if your out of ideas or time....
  10. It is definitely possible but if you are not taking the subject, then it can be obvious that you lack the knowledge in the subject (not that you don't know the context, you might not know the proper terminology, etc.). If you are confident that you can put in the effort and time (even more than a normal one) go for it but I wouldn't recommend it nor would any of my teachers.
  11. I was a hardcore baseball fan so I looked into sabermetrics and wrote a research paper on it. Just find something that you will enjoy putting your time into and it will feel really fun and easy.
  12. I don't think that you will fail the test itself but I am more concerned about the remaining work that you will have to catch up with (while moving along with the original class). However, you seem confident (?) enough and I personally don't think it is impossible to pull off just get enough practice and understand the work looking at books and possibly some test papers. Good Luck!
  13. Raha International School, UAE (Abu Dhabi)
  14. If you're going to do the diploma, then you won't need TOEFL. A lot of the US unis don't require it if you have a English (A) score that is higher than 4.
  15. Well, the difference between a student getting 30 and 40 is quite big. Anyways, they will probably look at both to determine whether or not you match their standards (at least in academics, American unis are holistic).
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