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  1. Is there any way to check your results without knowing your PIN? Or is there any way to get your PIN without contacting your IB co-ordinator? Because my IB co-ordinator is not responding... what a time he chose.
  2. Man, it must be tough for a lot of you guys whose universities have conditional offers based on whether you get the diploma or not...
  3. Congrats to everyone who got their diplomas and to those who didn't, commiserations. As for me, my IB co-ordinator refuses to respond to me despite e-mailing and calling him...
  4. Time management is key. 'Nuff said.
  5. And I'll add my 2 cents: Start early on your Extended Essay, work on it throughout your summer, proofread, revise, get others to read it, and most importantly, cite your sources. Never plagiarize. Good luck future IB-ers!
  6. Err... not true. I have plenty of friends, both IB and outside IB, a high achieving bunch. As to getting in an Ivy League school or other top schools, there is no "formula" which many people seem to have the mind-set that there is. In fact, many universities reject what would seem "perfect" candidates (36/2400 ACT/SAT, great ECs, top recs, good essays) simply because there was that much competition. But I completely agree with Emmi's post above. It's that "all-rounded student" which Ivy League and other top universities here in the US look for. Make sure you show passion in your essays, I'd
  7. Hi guys, I want to know exactly what are the topics we'll be tested on in paper 1, and what topics for paper 2? It's not that I'm not prepared or anything, but it lets me focus specifically on certain topics for tomorrow... or is it just a mix of all topics in both papers? Also, any general advice/tips for the exam is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  8. @Thrashmaster - OK, yes that's what we've been studying. So History of the Americas it is. @battlescarves - Well let's just say that my teachers are new to IB so they really don't know much about the exams and how they're graded, etc. Not blaming them for everything, but they - unfortunately - haven't done their job as well as they should have. But it makes more sense now, thanks!
  9. Hey guys, with the History HL exam coming up I have one question: What is paper 3 on? Also, any tips/advice for paper 3? I know paper 1 is on analyzing sources and answering questions; paper 2 is choosing 2 questions from ~30 and answering both. But I have no clue on what paper 3 is on, haven't been able to find any past papers either...
  10. @Dr Dangle - thank you, actually it did help me, a few hours prior to the exam
  11. Haven't seen this thread anywhere, so decided to make one. I know this is last minute stuff but I think some last-minute tips/advice would help calm me down. Anything will help, not just me but the rest of us taking paper 2. I'm using Siddhartha and A Doll's House as my part 3 works. Thanks a lot guys!
  12. English A: Language and Literature HL paper 2 consists of 6 questions, where you choose at least three part 3 works and answer the question.
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