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  1. C'mon guys, it doesn't even take that long!
  2. Hi guys, Last time I did an FOA, I did it on part 2, and the format of the FOA was very different from what I am trying to do now. It had bullet points on each slide, and I made sure I used a lot of vocabulary I learned in class. I got a good score on it. However, I was skimming through YouTube and found an unique FOA. Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yzRsfO6eeIw&index=10&list=UUikzrEhZS-9ucVleDrwGpnQ It is comprised of only photos, and it is not very academic. IBSurvival users, what grade (out of 7) would you give this FOA? Do you think its a good idea to do a summative FOA
  3. Hey guys, I'm having immense trouble choosing my written task 1 topic, would any of you guys mind recommending me topics you HAVE done (and turned out great), or think would turn out great if one does it? If possible, in this format please: Title, Type of work (ex. Sex stereotypes of females in OOOOO, blog post) It would really help a lot, thanks!
  4. 83 downloads

    Here are my notes on Organic Chemistry for Chemistry.
  5. 34 downloads

    Here are my notes on Oxidation and Reduction for Chemistry.
  6. 37 downloads

    Here are my notes on Acids and Bases for Chemistry.
  7. 24 downloads

    Here are my notes on Equilibrium for Chemistry.
  8. 30 downloads

    Here are my notes on Kinetics for Chemistry.
  9. 28 downloads

    Here are my Energetics notes for Chemistry.
  10. 27 downloads

    Here are my Chemistry notes for Periodicity.
  11. 30 downloads

    Here are my Chemistry notes for Atomic Structures.
  12. 39 downloads

    Here are my Chemistry Bonding notes.
  13. Hi guys, Does anybody have any macroeconomics IA samples that they are willing to share with me? I need it urgently for some reference; I just uploaded a few of my microeconomics IAs on the IBSurvival database to become a VIP member and see some of the user examples, but I'm afraid confirmations from the mods will take a while, so please, anyone willing to help a poor IB student out? :'( Sincerely, Aesop
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