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  1. Complex numbers with mathematical induction worth 8 points I think you had to prove something to the power of n then show that that is that or something. You are faaaar too late
  2. Theoretically, yes you could transfer. Just be aware that if you do decide to transfer, some of your courses may not transfer over to your new uni (this is often the case when you take a university-specific course or something) and you will have to retake them. In addition, you usually don't get any financial aid at your new university (or if you do it's not a lot), so if finances are a concern, transferring might not be the best choice. Employment is cyclical, meaning that sometimes certain industries are doing very well, and at other times they aren't. Petroleum is notorious for this, right
  3. Would it be possible for you to post the question(s) and the answer(s) for the exercise here? Pictures would be highly recommended
  4. I would say the most horrible disease in Maths HL is Mathematical Induction combined with Complex Numbers. That's Pain...It is also very demotivated if it says that the question is worth 12 points because then you know that there is a hell of a lot of calculations to do.
  5. First of all, did you hand it in online or a hard copy? If it's a hard copy then it wouldn't matter. Ï have not asked her but we usually send it electromically and two hard copies. Perhaps our teacher scan it first so we got it all clear. I think even though we send it on paper they can still scan it and find something, don't you think? it is almost impossible to scan the hard copy. They have to write the whole thing down on their own in order to get it through plagiarism control. However, I am quite sure that your teacher went through the plagiarism control. If she found anything then she wo
  6. First of all, did you hand it in online or a hard copy? If it's a hard copy then it wouldn't matter.
  7. For short term, economics hl will relax your brain. For long term, biology will relax the workload in the future. Taking biology now for your career is beneficial.
  8. Alright, as far as I understand : "Memorization is my strength" , "my base is strong as she has even taught us some a level biology". It feels like you are one of the students who will have an easy time getting a 7 in biology. Biology is way easy! if memorizing is your passion then go for that. You are basically telling yourself that you would love to have biology. haha An idea: look at the syllabus then see what you know from before in biology. If the terms and all those things seem easy to you then go for biology. "When i looked at the stats bulletin for May 2013, more people got 7's in ch
  9. I was considering to apply for photography but I don't think I will. Btw, it's harder to get out than to get in
  10. Hey, I was actually considering a university in the UK for photography. I think they will look more at the pictures that you have captured and your knowledge about pictures and arts. I really don't think that your IB grades will matter without Visual arts and English. It is probably hard to get accepted but if you can show that you are different than everyone else within the field of photography then I think you are fine. Btw, it would help if you wrote your EE on Visual Arts. If you don't try then you know that you are not getting admitted, but if you apply then you will still have atleast 1%
  11. This topic should be deleted! it encourages people to procrastinate 30...
  12. Would anyone be able to calculate the percentage in the final exams that I need in order to get a 7 in sl? I currently have 24 points out of 36 from the labs. OR atleast help me how to calculate it?
  13. Matte higher level er vanskelig. Kunne jeg spørre hvilke universiter du tenker å søke til? Hør, i Storbritannia ser de veldig mye på det akademiske. Hvis du skal studere økonomi i Cambridge, Oxford eller Imperial så burde du ha Matte i HL. Jeg kjenner folk som har kommet inn/fått conditional offer fra Cambridge og Oxford når de hadde engelsk b Hl og den andre har SL. Du kommer ikke akkurat til å bli sett som en lat person, bare det at du er decent/average. Husk: alt kommer an på hvilket universitet du skal søke til. Matte HL i en av beste i Storbritannia er en KJEMPESTOR fordel for økonomi.
  14. Husk: en Bilingual diploma teller mye og det samme gjelder hvis man har 4 Hl. i have the feeling that what you said might be interesting... something about a bilingual diploma and 4 HLs. could you translate it to english please? thanks It's basically that having a bilingual diploma and 4 HL subjects count a lot when the university application is reviewed. However, that's also location dependent.
  15. Oja! Du har lyst til å ta 4 HL subjects... Siden du ikke skal studere i Norge så har du egentlig ikke behov for å ta Norsk som A språk. Fordel: Du har " 5 Groups" i IB, sant? Hvis du kan ha 4 HLs i fire forskjellige grupper så viser du at du behersker alle de forskjellige delene i IB (noe som du har, HL Economics, HL History, HL Math, HL English literature"). Du trenger altså ikke Norsk som A språk men hvis du har det som A språk og får bilingual dimploma så skiller du deg ut av "resten" når de skal se application din i Storbritannia. Noe som er igjen dritt bra! Ulempe: Norsk A SL skiller seg
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