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  1. Sorry to hear that you were unsuccessful as well. Yeah, rejection really sucks, I didn't think I'd be this down about it. Interesting that it's rank has dropped. I wonder why. I applied to Imperial and UCL. Haven't heard from either yet but I don't have high hopes considering they're tougher to get into than Edinburgh. I got an offer from Glasgow which is nice. Thinking about going there now that my first choice is no longer an option. What university would your back up be?
  2. Took a gap year to attend the military. Yeah I guess I'll have to attend my back up university :/
  3. Hi I just wanted to vent. I had 776 at HL and a total of 43 (Math hl 6 and physics hl 7) points but still got rejected from the University of Edinburgh Engineering H100 course. It was my dream college and I'm really in shock right now. I just don't know what to do with my life... I'm sharing this because I feel like **** right now and I though others would like to know. I feel like I worked hard for nothing.
  4. Hey I'm deciding where to apply to uni for 2017 term. A year ago I was really hoping to achieve good grades so that I could apply to Oxford University for their Engineering course; however, now that I finished the IB I'm second guessing my self. I got 43 points with 776 at my HLs BUT I got a 6 from Math HL. I just couldn't manage the work load at the end and there were huge issues with teaching at my school throughout the two years of IB (only one person has managed to get a 7 in my school and that was three years ago LOL) On Oxford's website they say that they require 7s from both mathe
  5. Cheating might me immoral but it's not against the law. A lot of people who hold high status in our society got there because of some kind of cheating and although you might think its "unfair," it's just the way life is. Let those who cheat do their thing and just keep doing the right thing yourself. Perhaps one day you yourself will have to brake some rules to succeed or to get something you really want, you never know. It's stupid to stress about other people's actions, try be a little more stoic about the entire situation.
  6. I don't see any reason for you to go snitching. Even though it is immoral, you shouldn't worry about what other people are doing. If it bothers you that they are getting good averages and exam results, just remember that they probably won't be able to cheat in the real finals. Just **** it and don't worry about it. Remember, snitches end up in ditches. Lmao jk
  7. I've been worrying so much about my results, sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night with nightmares about physics or math. I don't even have any conditional offers to meet because I'm taking a gap year for the army But I'm still a nervous wreck. "Enjoy your summer, don't think about your results" they said.
  8. High school curriculum is geared toward the masses so that average students, with work and dedication, can do well. I strongly believe that anyone, no matter their genetic potential (to a certain extent i.e. excluding cognitive illnesses), can excel in school as long as they work hard. You often see very intelligent people doing poorly in school due to a lack of work ethic and you also see rather "dumb" people doing extremely well because they work really hard. What is intelligence anyways? Could it be measured? I think your question is futile, one that can not be answered; but it's stil
  9. lmao doesn't look like you did. No where do you see normalcdf() or inversnorm() or bionomialpdf() etc. This is because the IB doesn't use calculator notation and neither should you in your exams. Look at any mark scheme. These are just random ones I found in a couple of minutes.
  10. No you don't. Check some mark schemes.
  11. Use the notation X~B(n,p) for binomial distribution, X~Po(m) for poisson distribution and X~N(z,mean,deviation). Then just do the calculations with your calculator and express the results. I believe you will lose marks in paper 2 if you write calculator language such as binomialcdf(blablabla) in math hl. edit: You don't have to remember this notation because they are also shown in the data booklet. So just look at the data booklet as a reference when you're doing paper 2 questions.
  12. Lol I started revising for physics HL three and a half weeks prior to the exam, I studied it for like 5 or 6 hours a day. IT WAS NOT ENOUGH!!! HAHAH WTF WAS THAT EXAM! That was straight up first degree murder.
  13. I did text 1. During the reading time I read the very first paragraph of text 1 and already found something to analyze, I think it was a simile or something like that. I decided not to even look at text 2 to save some reading time. Went pretty well!
  14. From the IB Physics Guide 2016, for paper 1 "The use of calculators is not permitted." So, your teacher is correct, you are not allowed to use a calculator for physics paper 1.
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