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  1. Hey everyone! Our school does Hazards, Oceans and Extreme Environments as our options, even though many of the people in my cohort have expressed a desire to do the more human geography-oriented options. I'm wondering if anyone has ever disregarded the school's teaching, and self-studied a more interesting option with success? I'd love to disregard Oceans and self-study Urban Environments instead. Thank you!
  2. Hi! The 1 word = 1.2 characters = 2 Japanese characters should apply to all subjects in the respective languages. It definitely applies to Language B and ab initio, so I don't see why it shouldn't apply to Language A as well!
  3. Hi everyone! I'm doing SL Chinese B, and I was wondering what are you meant to include in the rationale of the SL Written Assignment? This is my Chinese teacher's first IB cohort, so she doesn't seem to be 100% sure herself. Thank you!
  4. Hi everyone! I have an FOA based on part 2 of the Lang Lit course (Language and Mass Communication) coming up, and I was wondering if it would be appropriate to base it off George Orwell's 1984? Rather than analysing the text for thematic content and symbolism and whatnot, I'd instead discuss how language is used by the government in 1984 to influence the populace, touching on things like Newspeak, doublethink, as well as the Ingsoc party slogans, and then pointing out and analysing examples of things like this in the real word, showing the wider significance of Orwell's language construct
  5. Really? My TOK teacher told us to stay away from it because of the difficulty of making counterclaims. When do you ever use just one WOK in an AOK?
  6. Hi! Just wanted to point out that there is only one WA for HL. In HL you do one WA based on a literary text, which is actually somewhat similar to the written task for SL Lang Lit in that its not a critical, but creative response, e.g adding an extra chapter, writing a diary entry. In SL, it's based on "intertextual reading" around the core topics, and it's kinda similar to what you'd do in Paper 2? That's how I think of it at least
  7. No sorry I dont think they come up with them till after everything's marked?
  8. Hey there! If you read carefully, it says its for first teachings in may 2016, not first exams in may 2016, so we're still on the old criteria!
  9. Written tasks are actually externally assessed. But yeah, FOAs, IOC in the case of English A Lang Lit, Individual Oral and Interactive Oral Activities in Spanish B
  10. That's exactly what I thought too, but my Biology department interpreted as meaning 12-24 sides, and it sounded so wrong.
  11. Hi everyone! On the Biology guide, it stipulates that the IA must be 6-12 pages long. However, I'm not sure if that means that it's 6-12 sides of A4 long, or 6-12 pages, meaning there would be 12-24 sides of A4? Thank you!
  12. Hi everyone! I was wondering if statistical analysis is necessary to score highly/get full marks in the Analysis criterion? I'm having a hard time trying to find an appropriate statistical test, or if it's even necessary or able to apply one. I'm aiming to find out which honey (out of 4 different types) have the highest efficacy as a bactericide, measured using the zone of inhibition. I know this is incredibly vague, but any help is much appreciated. Thank you!
  13. This is really late sorry! I take SL Lang Lit too, so I have hands on experience of the course. If you do change the setting and/or time period, make sure you justify it in the Rationale, e.g it could imply that the themes presented in the play are universal/timeless, and aren't limited to any one time period. Good luck!
  14. Oops I'm too late. Well you've already finished IB, but I guess anyone else who sees this can use it. With Paper 2, you spend about 40 minutes per option, and each option is worth 20 marks. The essay question is worth half of the marks in that option, (10 marks), so therefore you should spend AT LEAST 20 mins on that essay. I'd say if you wrote more than 2-3 sides of A4, that would be quite adequate.
  15. I take both at HL, and I have to say Geo is FAR easier, just because it's common sense really, and if you can write essays well, and ANSWER THE QUESTION, then you pretty much have it in the bag. However, it does somewhat depend on the options you do, which'll make it heaven or hell (Like my school does Oceans, and it's SO dull. The worst option in my opinion). However I can definitely vouch for whoever said that the IA is tough, because it is. You put so much time and effort into it, and it's so long (Mine was 27 pages, and that's about average for Geo IAs in my school), so if its on an option
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