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  1. It says they can't find the requested page… you should check it out;)
  2. If Italian is your native language then there is no worry. Learning portuguese won't affect your italian but it might simply be time consuming. Maybe you could earn it until you have time. ALso spanish won't be affected if you stay in AB Initio because it's ridiculously easy for an italian speaker, I can relate. Hope it was useful.. good luck
  3. It counts if you don't get paid, you just have explain how it can be service in your journal.
  4. Well it really depends on what you want to study at university but generally peaking ITGS is not a subject that universities like. The fact that you have tone turkish history already may make it boring but if also gives a great advantage. Also considering you take english A history essay writing will be easy for you. Another point is that you'd have to catch up with a year worth of work in a HL subject, including IAs and all the requirements for the hours which is 240 hours for HL and 180 hours for SL. Hope I was helpful!
  5. It all depends on what you want to study at uni. By what you have there it looks like you want to go into some kind of human science/language. If you tell me what you want to study I can give you better advice. Generally speaking all those subjects are considered to be appropriate by universities. About sciences the big difference is that biology has a lot more memorising to do but chemistry has harder concepts to understand. It comes down to what you like better and what you feel comfortable with. Hope I helped.
  6. No your absences won't affect anything unless you are regularly absent, like 40 plus absences year. Don't worry!
  7. It really depends on what specifically you want to study. If you want to do an engineering degree in a competitive university then yes chemistry is definitely a must have. If you want to study physics alone or astrophysics or something that is not in any way related to chemistry than of course don't take it. Generally speaking though if you want to go to extremely competitive universities like cambridge having two sciences is basically necessary even if not officially. Chemistry SL is still a lot of work if you really despise the subject but it's doable. Good Luck. Also why English HL if you w
  8. yes it's fine as long as you made it clear it was section B, don't worry!!
  9. It's not worth it unless you have really bad self discipline. If you can work independently then 5 days of private studying will be much more productive because you can do what you want at your speed. good luck
  10. You can get the oxford course companion and do the presumed knowledge chapter on there. It'll probably take you a short amount of time so having the book will allow you to start looking at the actual course itself. Good luck That book is the best one
  11. You could talk about tourism. Maybe something like to what extent/or not has a specific policy affected the tourism in the city of Cracow, Poland?
  12. You could try doing something on hover boards from back to the future for physics, the matrix world for computer science (in which you can integrate some philosophical dilemmas, the IB loves that) and for chemistry you could talk about the chemistry involved in hormone release when people feel attracted to each other (the famous 'there's chemistry between us'). good luck
  13. the class should pick a general topic. /this topic should be broad, very broad. My class has light this year, past years it was something like change, patterns, cycles, transport, food ect. Once you did that each group narrows the topic down to something more specific. My group did light and evolution, we could easily integrate all sciences. PS use prezi for presentations it's original, you'll stand out while everyone else is using powerpoint.
  14. Do not take ITGS, unit in the UK don't consider it as a good subject to have. 4 HLs should be only taken in two cases. Either if you are extremely passionate in all the 4 subjects or if you wish to apply to an extremely competitive university (I'm talking Oxbridge standards). Unless you fit one of those do not take 4 HLs, they will only lower your total score. My advveice is to either take eco or history at HL and also do math SL not studies. Good luck
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