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  1. I did that question, and I found it really much easier than I was expecting! I talked about animal experiments (Rosenweig & Bennet) and brain imaging technologies (Davidson and Vestergaard-Poulson). I did have Abnormal for an option in Paper 2 and I talked about cultural considerations in diagnosis. What question did you answer? I answered the "contrast biomedical and individual treatments to one psychological disorder "! There were actually good questions! I was going to chose the first one "discuss one study or theory on abnormal behaviour" but I found it a little bit tricky I an
  2. That sounds really good. For paper 2, i chose developmental and abnormal. For developmental i chose the same one as you, and for abnormal i chose the one about contrasting individual and biomedical approach to one disorder. I'm really not sure about paper 3 though haha
  3. Hey! I chose question 5 too, the one about rainforests right? I found it okay, except the questions on life expectancy of men & women and debt relief Yeah the biodiversity of tropical rainforests. I didn't expect there to be two questions on MDGs! I only knew one case study for them so decided to go Q5 Same! The life expectancy question threw me off, I was like... I haven't learnt this. In the end I put that men took on more physical/harder jobs and were more prone to dying while at work and that men are more likely to get sex-linked disorders such as haemophilia (threw a bit of biology
  4. Hey! I chose question 5 too, the one about rainforests right? I found it okay, except the questions on life expectancy of men & women and debt relief
  5. Omg! I found this paper 1 extremely difficult compared to the past paper 1's (( and I'm so bad at french, and i always get so bad in the reading, but this one i'm pretty sure i did so bad! like it was so difficult, and the amount of words i never heard before on the exam was crazy..... what did you guys write for the word the signified "Destiny" I put desmorais or something i cant remember.
  6. Yup, we just have an extra text, instead of a writing piece. Good luck!
  7. You guys for paper 1, the truth table i had was for pqr... and I remember i wrote it was a logical contradiction. anyways... how did you guys find paper 2? for the functions questions i got -4, 6 or 4,6 cant remember for the intersection & the apples questions i just used the normal distribution on the calculator.. Another question, when we had to sketch the graph for paper 2, does it have to be like perfect?
  8. I think for one of them i got 15/22 or sometihng like that? yh, how many did you have for not eating fruit? wasn't it 8/100?
  9. I chose text C and D. I found both pairs of text hard to analyse, but i think i understood the weblog, and the song lyric more. I talked about how they're presenting a similiar content in different ways using different stylistic techniques. But whats worrying me is that I kept referring to the writer of the song as a "he" and it turned out to be a she!
  10. I found paper 1 quite difficult actually... but i found paper 2 way easier....
  11. I did TZ2, there was the Simpons index, which I got 4.75.... damn it, then i got the simpsons diversity index wrong then.. haha i got such a big number..
  12. I think had the same questions, so you're in TZ1 (which is just the exams for the Americas). I talked about disgust for the evolutionary behavior (referencing Curtis and Fessler), I don't even remember what the research methods one was, and I think I did well on SID as I mentioned all the stages of it and used Sherif's Robber's Cave as support. Yes! I used fessler 2005 for the evolutionary question, and then I used Loftus and Palmer for the research methods, and then I used Tajfel for social Identity theory but idk.. yes sherifs robber's cave experiment is also a good demonstration of SIT.
  13. Hi! I think I did that one! It was about meiosis, cloning in human cells and therapeutic cloning right? I thought it was the easiest. Section A was a bit weird though. Yes that one! Same, i thought it was the most doable question. The others were too hard. For the cloning I talked about the Somatic Cell Nucleus transfer.. what did you talk about? Oh um I just outlined the embryonic cell switch thing (like dolly the sheep's) and how the nucleus is taken out from a surrogate cell and another fertilized one is added and stimulated to divide. It wasn't too hard. I feel like I wrote more about
  14. I did option G and E, but i can't remember which time zone the exam was. I had questions on types of inhibitory and exitatory drugs, label neurones, simpsons diversity index calculation which was hard!!
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