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  1. For this year's group 4 project, the focus is on field studies and we are being restricted by geography this year. SOOOO all the groups are supposed to do a project where the research and experiments can be done in a forest near my school. All of us had different ideas regarding the project but once they restricted to us only experimenting inside the forest and possibly bringing some things out to experiment in our labs, our ideas reduced to a number of 0.... We're not sure what sort of ideas to do now... I'm not asking for a research question but I am wondering if anyone knows what sort of br
  2. thanks for all the advice! i sort of found another article on the same topic http://www.globaltimes.cn/content/829359.shtml#.UxPid5HoYfE so now i just need to plan what graphs to use and what solution to propose thanks
  3. i don't think you should go ahead with this (if this is for the international econ. section) like i suggested above, protectionism would be a good topic to work on so why don't you just read this unit well. once you understand the concepts you can easily spot an article that can be analysed. and yeah, if you don't want to go with protectionism that's cool. whatever you pick, just study it before writing the commentary I'm sorry but what exactly is protectionism? i just found another possible article to do, is it possibly on protectionism? http://www.bbc.com/news/business-22445640
  4. so i found an article but I'm unsure on what kind of graphs to use? any tips or advice? http://www.bbc.com/news/world-latin-america-25595674
  5. Hi i'm having trouble with finding an article on international economics... What are some keywords that I can search for? Everyone is saying international economics is easier to find an article than developmental economics but we haven't really learned international and he's expecting us to write on for thursday... Also, what would you talk about? What graphs would you use? any help is appreciated
  6. Even if we don't use these widgets as our "advanced techniques", does the IB ban you from using them anyway? I honestly don't know anything about technology so will I also need to learn how to "embed" stuff as well?
  7. If we use weebly.com and wix.com, you know how we need to have "advanced techniques" in our websites? like 3 of them or something? If online website builders already have widgets in there, would that be included as advanced techniques? Does IB allow that?
  8. Well I'm in French B SL and my exam is this May but I'm getting pretty nervous now. I'm not very good at french but if anyone could spend a little of their time every week or something and just exchange short little french emails it'd be greatly appreciated! It'd be helpful if you were fluent in French too ! But yeah nothing that big! Legit like 1 email per week or something! Merci beaucoup mes amis~~
  9. Regarding the ITGS IA, does it have to be of an actual client? Can it just be a real situation but the actual personal information be changed? Also out of the possibilities like a database and website and etc., what is easier because I'm SUPER BAD at technology which makes me rethink life and wonder why the hell I'm doing HL ITGS.. (don't ask I'm just really stupid).
  10. Hi so my practice paper 1 for french is in a few days and it's worth a great deal of my semester mark but I have no idea how to prepare for it... We've done some practice ones in class before but we only did 2 texts max. at a time but I don't know how many texts are supposed to be in Paper 1.. I'm doing really bad in french right now because of how poorly i do on these practice papers so i really need to improve my mark drastically. I have some questions and if you could answer them that'd be great ! 1. How many texts are there? 2. What is the actual format of the paper? 3. Types of questions
  11. Hey you guys ~ At my school, ITGS is considered an easy course so I decided to take it and lower the possible workload I would have. However, the school wasn't able to offer it this year so instead, I took the course online (it's a 2 year program) so right now I'm taking ITGS HL online on this Pamoja site where I'm in a class with students all over the world. Even though it was outline, I assumed it would still be easy but right now I am legitimately failing. I do all the discussions and assignments we have each week and I do well on them but on the practice papers (which are huge parts of our
  12. Thank you so much ~ That's a lot of advice that I will def consider. This is my article so I was wondering if anyone could take a look at it and see if it's suitable to write a whole IA on I'm having such a hard time writing IAs and it was due a long time ago but no one in our class has handed it in because we have no idea what to write it on. Our class did poorly on the first microeconomics IA as well so I'm really trying to make this one good ~ http://www.theglobeandmail.com/report-on-business/international-business/european-business/britons-see-inflation-rising-rate-hike-expectations-mute
  13. Hellooooo ~ I'm doing an article on inflation in Britain but I have absolutely no idea how to incooperate diagrams into this IA. Our teacher only taught us aggregate demand and aggregate supply right now but he expects us to finish this IA for tomorrow.. If you guys have any possible suggestions that'd be great ~! Someone told me the Phillips curve could work but I dont know... I want 2 diagrams atleast
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