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  1. I chose the email, I could easily write about sports for leisure! Paper 1 was easy-peasy
  2. I think it is just the boxes. But you should totally check that with your IB coordinator!
  3. I have a question concerning the command term : Outline two or more principles from one of the levels of analysis. Would it be wrong to also include a study apart from talking solely about the principle or is it already too much?
  4. Haha so true! NP is freaking out about the upcoming exams.
  5. Heyy, does anyone have any historiography that can be used in paper 3 essays on Spanish Civil War? Thanks in advance!
  6. Is it OSC guide free online? If yes, where did you find it? I usually see that you need to pay something. No, it's not free.. I was able to lent it from our school library.
  7. Yeah, I agree with khimberleigh, the causes of the Cold War come up frequently. I found them boring though and studied additional topics that I find interesting from the OSC guide as they have a lot of essay plans already there for you. I recommend it cause it systemizes the information and you feel like you understand the Cold War in terms of actual historical processes. I think that the collapse of Soviet Union also appears often. good luck!
  8. You should look through the syllabus and focus on questions that have so called 3 objective as these questions are "long" enough so that you can get as many as 8 marks. for example 3.4.1 Explain DNA replication in terms of unwinding the double helix and separation of the strands by helicase, followed by formation of the new complementary strands by DNA polymerase. you can't really predict what will come up...
  9. There are some formulas which are not in the booklet. Unfortunately, you would need to memorise these (e.g formula for the corrdinates of the vertex) However, most of the needed ones can be found in the booklet.
  10. No, I was already done in February NP can't stand maths
  11. Hey guys! I have a question concerning the option The Soviet Union and Eastern Europe 1924-2000. Do you know where I can find some notes and what should I focus on while revising it? We don't have a book that would cover these topics precisely. I know that a lot overlaps with Cold War but I still feel like I lack sufficient materials to revise.
  12. I read 1984 and I think I would rather live in the world created by Orwell. In Brave New World citizens lived in blissful ignorance with the need to get drugged all the time. In 1984 people at least could think for themselves.. to some extent.
  13. Brave New World by Aldous Huxley is awesome. I hope that our world does not turn into something like that in the future. The book is great and I recommend it!
  14. It might be difficult to find an article that you don't have to pay for. I managed to find this : http://psycnet.apa.org/psycinfo/1974-02295-003
  15. YEEES! Chocolate is the best. Next poster can't live without snapchat.
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