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  1. I can access them perfectly using Chrome on my Mac.
  2. I'm so sorry to hear that I haven't received my results yet, but I thought I'd stop by and offer you some support. Is there a possibility of calling your university, or sending them an appeal about the situation? Or do you have any other plans in mind?
  3. I heard from someone who did the IB a while ago that they get it earlier so that they can call the people who failed the diploma, and/or to check if the grades seem reasonable. But I'm not entirely sure about this since a lot can change in three years.
  4. I found this timeline, maybe it'll help some of you understand the process: https://ibpublishing.ibo.org/server3/apps/handbook/pdf.html?doc=d_0_dpyyy_vmx_1409_1_e∂=12
  5. At least, if we're not called we know we have it, hahaha. Haha, true
  6. What's freaking me out the most is that IB coordinators got our results 35 minutes ago. Apparently this is done so that they can call the students who failed the diploma, but I'm not entirely sure if that's the reason.
  7. We had 3 weeks study leave, starting on the 16th of April. However, many subjects such as Math and Psychology, didn't finish their syllabus and tried forcing every small bit we did learn into the last few classes.
  8. This sounds really interesting. I've done it
  9. My teacher decided to start doing literature in the first year. We read "Les Combustibles" by Amélie Nothomb and are currently reading in the second year "Kiffe Kiffe demain" by Faïza Guène. Both are easy to understand, but personally I thought Les Combustibles was the best, even though it's a play.
  10. French, English, German and Arabic. If Latin counts, then I speak five. I don't speak Latin fluently though, still teaching myself.
  11. I took an anticipated class, so I did one exam at the end of IB1 along with the grade 12s at that time, and for the end of IB2 I have five exams. The problem with having too many final exams at the end of IB1 is that there'll be a lot of stress involved and you'll miss a few classes during your exams so I wouldn't recommend that since you'd have to catch up during the holidays on those. Also, during your holidays you'd want to review what you've done in IB1 and start/finish your Extended Essay.
  12. What you could always do is take the class, stay in it for a week, or two and if you still don't feel comfortable in it, you could change your class.
  13. Hey there, I take French B HL and am entering grade 12 in August. My French classes are a mixture between higher level and standard level students and depending on your teacher, you'll do a lot of revision work and will be studying lots of texts. You'll do some text comprehension (reading a text, then answering questions, gathering evidence to support statements, filling in words in sentence related to a text given, etc...). The students in my French class who take standard level usually get 6s and 7s for this paper, but you will have to know exactly what you read, what it's about since yo
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