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  1. Dekuhero, your comment is substantiated in my original post, yet out of the kindness of my heart I will reproduce my theory of why reasoning and logic are different: reasoning is the ability to see beyond our own immediate experiences (example: restraining yourself from saying harsh things because of the impact it could have on others) logic is defined as the deductive process (example: x + x = 2x) PS. This was posted during a Saturday School detention on school computers that can barely load google much less IB survival
  2. Unless the pH meter was more expensive +/- 0.2 pH units is acceptable. I have not heard of a Ph meter that was accurate to the hundredths place so I would strongly advise against such an uncertainty.
  3. Consider: reasoning and logic are very different. reasoning is the ability to see beyond our own immediate experiences (example: restraining yourself from saying harsh things because of the impact it could have on others) logic is defined as the deductive process (example: x + x = 2x) In my opinion, reasoning and logic are independent because I can use intuition as the driving force behind reasoning. These are my thoughts, hopefully they can help you write your weekly homework PM me for further guidance --Esteban
  4. Ethics is a very hard AOK to define. Basically, Ethics deals with the reasoning behind why a "moral agent" (person making a moral choice) behaves how they do/did. The focus of ethics is to develop a code of morals. Example ethics situations Should I do homework or play a game? Should I help this person even though they are not my friend? Is it moral to kill for money? Etc. EtcAn ethical situation frequently uses the word "should" PM me for further clarification --Esteban
  5. Do not use amateur music for your IA, it will significantly lower your score Your idea is solid, just use the professional recordings. --Esteban
  6. Open with your Real World Situation, contextualize it, then universalize it! --Esteban
  7. None of us can tell you which topic is the best. That can only be determined by: (a) how much passion you have for the topic and (b) the depth and breadth of the topics themselves. These seem like very worthy candidates for research questions. best of luck --Esteban
  8. That is rude and absolutely uncalled for! You do realise that this site caters to all students that take the international baccalaureate right? So students from all over the world come on here to ask/give advice, so they're not all native english speakers. Consider that! After I read this the only thing I could think of was the spelling of "criticise" with an s.
  9. I believe that you should shape your education around your passions. If Chemistry isn't one of them, then do not take the course. However you also must consider the implications of not taking Chemistry when biochemistry will be required. If possible, I suggest taking SL Chemistry, because I am in HL Chemistry, and have trouble finding enough time to complete the course with only one science class. Chemistry HL should only be taken if your passion is strong (which doesn't sound like you are too interested). I also recommend to avoid taking classes from poor teachers as Chem HL is difficult as
  10. I'm not quite sure what you are asking. If you are asking how to decline participating in an event, simply say that you are busy and really wish you could attend (even if you really didn't want to in the first place). PM me for further assistance. PS. I really like the quote you have in your signature: Strive for what is best, and not for what is needed
  11. If you have had trouble in another course and you have a sufficient amount of words left (not sure if this essay has an upper-word limit) then absolutely include another subject that you have had trouble in! --Esteban
  12. I would say analyse 4-5 poems in depth, however, make sure to connect them to a larger idea that lies outside the realm of the poems. 4-5 poems is enough to have some variety yet is few enough so that adequate depth can be achieved. As long as you can achieve depth and breadth, any number of poems will suffice. Remember to always apply the analysis to something outside the text itself. Send me a PM if you have further questions. --Esteban
  13. I wrote a History IA about Hitler and his effectiveness as the dictator of Germany during world war II. The research question sounds good. Consider: Limiting the domain in your research question. Specifically State the location to be investigatedavoid using the / symbol in your research question. It invokes ambiguity, which you don't want. Settle on either "rise" or "establishment" PM me with other questions --Esteban
  14. Consider joining forces with another friend from Spanish class and make it your goal to speak only Spanish when in Spanish class. You can still use your resources, just try and limit your usage of them. There is no other way to learn a language other than consistently using it.
  15. While I cannot answer all of your questions I can answer numbers one, three, and four. 1. Yes you can retake the exams in November 2015, if available in your area. 3. Yes, if you must redo the IA's, you will need a supervisor. 4. No, Candidates may take the IB exams up to three times in order to receive IB credit. These sessions do not have to be in concurrent years, meaning that I could take exams in Nov 2014, Nov 2015, and Nov 2017 if I wanted to. I do not believe you would need to redo the coursework (IA's and EA's), however, I am not 100% sure. Consult your teacher or the IBO f
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