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  1. hey guys, just wanna ask how do you feel when exam is just around the corner and how you would react on it either you study hard or just be complacent.
  2. yeah i got the same opinion with her . You may use the HL tools but you need to be careful or else you might be off the track.
  3. during my free time, i like to surf on internet, playing futsal and also hit to the gym.
  4. Yeah . I think I have the same idea with Andrew. TOK seems to be easier since we only can play with our words .Meanwhile EE is quite heavy load and stressful as we need to write it up with 3000-4000 words. I think whatever it is you just need to try your best on both of them.
  5. Kolej Mara Banting, Malaysia. insyaallah graduating in 2014 Malay A1 SL English B HL Math SL Bio HL Chem HL Business & Management SL
  6. Hey is there anyone of you are interested to study through skype with me? i am taking MALAY SL English B HL BIO HL CHEM HL MATH SL BUSINESS AND MANAGEMENT STUDIES SL
  7. oh what question number that are you planning to do??
  8. maybe for the intro i will put the problem of used to the main road when finding a place by using a road. if we have know the shortcut to the place maybe we are no longer using the main road right? haha
  9. hey i am doing the same topic too. my aok's are natural science and human science. i will insert more about islamic knowledge for human science and for natural science i will use about the shape of the planet.
  10. Hi! I actually don't know what is the function of KI? can you guys help me out?
  11. and one of those aoks are natural science and mathematics. guys could anyone of you explain me about the KI? knowledge issues? i don't understand what is KI actually..
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