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  1. my teacher says that IB doesn't punish you, if you do not mention the name of the researcher, if that's your question. about "Examine the concept of normality and abnormality"... I personally won't even study for this question, it is very tricky and I will never choose it c:
  2. http://www.ibsurvival.com/topic/16334-tips-to-answer-the-p1-question-well/ http://www.ibsurvival.com/topic/14057-essay-formatting-techniques/ + check IB guides psychology, they have good outlines of core essays. they helped me a lot to prepare for exams c:
  3. why don't you ask your math teacher? it is ok to ask questiones I did IA in math studies and it is not hard at all. and if your topic is so confusing to you how about choosing smth else? did you read the criteria? there is nothing about what you say. so I think your info about the requirments is way too dramatic.
  4. I take self-taught, and there is no teacher's support at all. So, since many people take English A, and I hope there are people with self-taught past experience, do you have any tips from teachers or personal experience on how to do well in Paper 1? what should I think of and what IB is looking for. In DP1 finals all self-taught students automatically got 4, no feedback on essays, so I didn't even know whether it was good or bad.
  5. constant 4. it is self-taught, so no one is able to assess me in my school. that's a problem with all our self-taught students.
  6. I state my hypothesis as two-tailed, but than I predict that " memory will be distorted depending on which schema will be activated. The verb “contacted” is associated with slower speed compared to “smashed into”. " does it mean that I have to formulate my hypo as one-tailed? or it is ok with two-tailed? Null Hypothesis: there will be no difference between estimated speed in the control condition where the verb is “contacted” and the experimental condition where the verb is “smashed into”. Experimental Hypthesis: there will be a significant difference between estimated speed in the control con
  7. We were told the we should have at least 20
  8. Sorry, forgot to mention my data. It was reported speed in km/h. I calculated mean and standard deviation, but 2d teacher said I should calculate median and Interquartile range instead. We had two conditions, both experimentral, 11 participants in each
  9. for my IA I replicated Loftus and Palmer's experiment. I have had two different psychology teachers guiding me. One of them suggested to use unrelated t-test, as my data was interval/ratio. However, other teacher who actually marked my draft gave me 0 points for "Result" since in her opinion my data was ordinal and I had to use Mann-Whitney test. Whom should I trust? 22 participant, independent measures design
  10. For my IA I replicated Loftus and Palmer's experiment with car crash where they used the video. My teacher said that it is not enough just to put youtube link in the Appendix and that I had to find proper refernce info about the video. Is it even possible?... A person who apploaded it said that the video was just found in Youtube
  11. so far we've done: - rate of photosynthesis - something with pH and the liver (it was performed more than a year ago, so don't judge me) - DNA extraction - factors affecting yeast population growth now the task is to come up with the design lab and performe it on Wednesday. would be great to receive suggestions of not really hard research questions. I am out of ideas
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